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Judith often visited him during the years helping to form him into a more compassionate person. Later that day, Negan is making a spear and becomes annoyed at Brandon when he tries to mimic the Saviors' whistling. "You're just like all the others," Brandon says before leaving. Eugene accepts this, declaring that there is work that needs to be done before leaving the room. I'm gonna make you my special project.". As the Saviors haul furniture and mattresses out of residents' homes, Negan inquires about Maggie's whereabouts. She leaves Negan alone for a moment and returns with a walker tied to a cart. Negan berates Rick saying that he doesn't have "the numbers" to fight the Saviors. Michonne takes a swing at Negan with her sword, but he dodges and knocks her down with Lucille. Negan takes Carl to a nicely appointed room and introduces him to his "harem." [13] Rick, in a fit of rage, then attacks Negan before Negan reveals that Carl is fine, and Negan clarifies that he is eager to show Rick "that he has done nothing to his son."[14]. Carol comments that it took Negan long enough, revealing that Negan and Carol had been working together the entire time to take down Alpha. Episode Still Ethnicity They work together, saving one another, until they get to an edge where walkers fall on them. Negan smiles at Gabriel and tells him that he is "about to shit his pants". He explains that he was playing Dwight along and Negan makes it clear that he knew Dwight would let Rick know of the plan, which was purposely made up to lead Rick and his allies into a trap. Negan stares at him for a moment, before smiling. Disappointed and enraged, Negan resorts to "Plan B": go to war with Alexandria and eliminate Rick. Daryl calls Negan's explanation bullshit, stating "if you wanna be a part of this, you gotta put your ass on the line, just like everybody else." AU $7.68 + shipping. Dwight gets up to leave for a cigarette but Negan questions he wouldn't want to hear Gregory. Negan will also employ psychological forms of torture as seen when he nearly made Rick chop his own son's arm off to break him completely, being the only antagonist to do so. Taking it like a champ!" Carl is reluctant but Negan reminds him that he killed two of his men and must repay him. Despite any bad feelings between the two Negan chooses to save Daryl's life when captured by three Whisperers in the episode "Look at the Flowers". Rick finally agrees to let Negan out of the cell, but not in a community. Negan appears in Michonne's nightmare where she is approached by Negan and the Saviors. Standing up, Negan orders Rick to pick up the hatchet and chop Carl's arm off at the marked line, giving specific directions on how to make the cut to ensure that the Saviors' doctor can properly seal the wound later. When the latter refuses, Negan hands Carson Lucille, and tells Eugene what will happen if he refuses to cooperate; smiling, he says that he could disfigure Eugene's face or castrate him. He complies. After accidentally killing Margo while protecting Lydia, and facing a death sentence, Negan is freed from his cell by Carol Peletier, and sent to infiltrate the Whisperers and kill their leader, Alpha. Negan takes note of the time of day, noticing that the sun is rising, before heading to the front of the vehicle. Negan is visibly disgusted at Dwight's betrayal however he chooses to keep him alive in order for him to watch the Militia get destroyed as a result of him passing them false information and that he may one day be of use to him again. As Negan holds Daryl at gunpoint, the latter coldly says that Negan should probably shoot him. Shortly afterwards, Negan delivers Alpha's severed zombified head to Carol. Rick vows that no matter what Negan does to him, he will make it his mission to kill him and all the Saviors and that nothing will change that, which further amuses Negan. “We’re making a new beginning,” Rick says smiling with hope. The Walking Dead is giving us a full-on Negan origin story episode very soon. "Who knows, maybe you'll wanna share." Negan tries to adapt to life alone, but can't. Negan claims that he would never hurt Lydia, and the only reason he kidnapped her in the first place was to keep her safe and lure Alpha away so he could kill her. Negan holds the longest lifespan of any antagonist in the series, lasting more than 60 episodes. It is evident that Daryl hates Negan deeply and wants to fight him and the Saviors and kill them all. Negan exhibits several symptoms of what is known as a God complex, living a life of total and uninhibited dominion over any form of life he sees, people who will follow his every command. Beta kills a Whisperer in response and walks away, leaving Negan to fend for himself with a pocket knife. Negan is dressed and ready to leave the Junkyard. Negan asks Gabriel why he helped Gregory. David apologizes, but Negan rams a knife through his throat, stating he does not "accept his apology". Rick retorts that Negan lost his credibility after the Saviors killed all the Scavengers. Negan retrieves Lucille from Rick. "[26], After Rick is hit with the arrow, Negan and Dwight retreat to the rest of The Savior horde, hoping to devise a plan of attack against the remaining survivors at Hilltop. He mentions that it's been 35 days since Gregory's execution. Dwight opens the door only to find Laura waiting inside. After arriving at the Savior's base, Negan was impressed by Eugene's intelligence and believes his lie about being a bio engineer. Negan urges Gabriel to escape with him, saying their odds of getting to the Sanctuary are much higher if they work together. Negan and Gabriel have a hateful relationship. Rick's group kills several of Negan's men, while Rick and Negan have a final battle that ends with Rick cutting Negan's throat open. Sherry asks Negan to go easy on Amber. At dawn, Negan keeps watch by a window when Aaron tells him he can finally see. As punishment for her actions, Olivia is killed. Negan appears after Carl calls him out, having killed one of the Saviors named George. Negan asks if she is avoiding him, and Lydia bluntly confirms. [42], A week after disappearing, Negan turns up with Alpha's severed head and shows it to Rick and Andrea, who are very hesitant to believe and trust him. However, there's one crucial detail you may have missed during Negan's little journey of self-reflection. Negan deems Rick a failure as both a leader and a father and implores him to surrender, seeing that the war has caused him to lose more than he has gained. Gender He asks Negan if this is what he wanted or who he wanted to be, and his words seem to strike a chord. Negan attempts to fight back, but falls through the floor and loses Lucille. After Daryl attempts to retaliate against Negan for taunting Rosita, Negan teaches the group another brutal lesson by hitting Glenn in the same fashion as Abraham, and reiterating his earlier statement that one insubordination would be pardoned but any other would be halted with no exceptions. Before Rick can reach for his gun, Jadis leaps up and aims her gun at Rick. Él es el líder de un grupo de entre 350 a 400 supervivientes en Washington D.C. llamado Los Salvadores, quienes subyugan a otras comunidades en el área, exigiéndoles cantidades injustas de comida y provisiones a cambio de su protección contra los caminantes y ellos mismos. It is unknown how Judith feels about Negan however, though she somewhat insults him by sarcastically claiming how good things have turned out for him (based on his imprisonment) after he claims to have wizened up once following a childhood incident. Negan issues an ultimatum: "Give me the boy, or I'll bash in all four skulls of the people out here!" She says that she needs to be alone, and "shit like that takes time". Negan simply orders Dwight to return Daryl to his cell. Rick assumes his position at the front gate, with Jadis crouching by his feet, hidden from view. Little is known about the relationship between Negan and Gavin as they haven't been seen interacting on-screen so far. Later, Amelia shares her story with Negan and Brandon. As Negan reaches 1, Rick, screaming in anguish, picks up and raises the axe above his head, ready to bring it down on Carl's arm, before he is stopped at the last second. You're gonna see Gabey. He chuckles at her as Maggie demands he get on his knees. Negan is seen standing over him as they recover from the first blow, remarking, "Look at that! "Who are you?" She vows that him being their prisoner as an example is the only thing he is good for, showing her hatred of him. He reminds Eugene that he is aware of how smart he is, prompting Eugene to remind him of his loyalty. Eugene even expresses a few times that he enjoys living life as a Savior under Negan's hospitality. She corrects him by saying he's got the wrong woman; Rick loves Andrea, and she was in love with Abraham, the man Dwight killed. Negan grows tired and places Lucille in Rick's chair, he then asks Carl to pass the bread rolls to which he says please the second time after he is ignored the first time. Despite this, Rick's hallucination of him conversing with Shane implies that part of him still wants to kill Negan and has some regret about not doing so. At some point, Negan and the Saviors encountered the Hilltop Colony and extorted its leader Gregory into giving them half their supplies on a regular basis; failure to do so would result in the Saviors killing members of their community. Negan even cruelly taunts Gabriel over Rosita and Gabriel reveals his frustration having to take care of Negan while is girlfriend is injured at the Hilltop. Negan begins preparing the Saviors for an attack on Hilltop to end the war. Eugene still refuses to betray Rick, and Negan leaves Eugene "with his thoughts and his dick... while he still has it. Before they can continue talking, Daryl arrives and orders her to leave. In "Wrath", during his fight with Rick, it is Carl's legacy and wishes for the future that haunt Negan making him stop fighting, eventually leading to Rick cutting his neck and keeping him prisoner at Alexandria following the war. Rick vowed to avenge Glenn's murder and kill Negan. Angered at the slaughter of many of his people, Negan chose to take matters into his own hands. Negan then questions Gabriel why he saved Gregory after he tried to sell them out. Negan says that he and Carl are friends and that Rick could not break that bond. Negan tackles Rick, grabs his beloved bat and escapes. Rick later contacts him via walkie-talkie, and informs him that Carl is dead and that his last wish was for them to make peace, something Rick sees as impossible. He sees him useful for treating his injured men and considers him a great doctor. He later talks Carl out of shooting a Savior, and decides to take all of Alexandria's guns. Negan es un hombre fornido de aproximadamente 50 años de edad, de ojos negros, moreno y con tupida barba. They were inside you the whole time," Negan jokes as Spencer's guts spill out onto the asphalt, asking if someone wants to finish the game with him. She is silent, though. She realizes he's right and rushes back to her home, leaving a preoccupied Negan alone. He then kills Richie and proceeds to leave on a motorcycle. Negan then offered to marry her to solve her problem. Negan falls off a landing and dangles from the ledge by his fingers. Negan's troops smash their way through Alexandria's gates. He shows reluctance to kill Carl, even when Carl has killed Saviors. He orders the Saviors to do the same to their weapons. When they walk down the stairs to where Negan is being held, Negan grabs the bars to his cell and asks if they are here to rescue him, saying that "they're animals." Negan is unaware that Dwight is loading an arrow to kill him when he spots Rick away from the other survivors. They all tie a rope around themselves and head out into the blizzard. Negan says that Rick is the one who forced his hand and that is why he should thank him. He was enraged by Simon's suggestion that they kill all of the Hilltop residents, because to him people are a resource. [39] After his escape, Negan and Brandon enter Whisperer terrain. In "Lines We Cross", Lydia and Negan have a brief conversation, and Negan warns Lydia to be careful. Negan manages to capture Rick and Carl, and prepares to kill Carl. After a brutal hand-to-hand fight, he throws Rick through a window. She says he deserves a crass reward for detecting the spy. He then says to Carl that he enjoys their talks and that it is good for him to keep track of the time and days passed. In "Walk With Us", Negan approaches Alpha, revealing that he has captured Lydia. “I think I’m here to take your confession,” he says. Negan bends over to observe Glenn's state, taunting his feeble attempts to speak and pointing out the grievous damage to his head. He sarcastically thanks Brandon, who reveals he was making him another Lucille and he had also sneaked his leather jacket from the community. He is happily married to his wife, Lucille, but nonetheless has a mistress on the side who doesn't know he is married. Lydia rhetorically asks what Negan knows about what she wants, and calls him a selfish asshole, believing he only killed Alpha so that people believe that he's a hero, but the people will never see him as such, since he only cares about himself. When two guns go missing from the inventory, Negan threatens to kill Olivia (Ann Mahoney) if they aren't found. When Simon suggests they wipe out one of the communities entirely, Negan becomes incensed, stating that people are critical to what they're building. Sometime later, he acquired a baseball bat. After gloating to the group, he then strides over to Rosita Espinosa, having observed her particular reaction and taunting her with Abraham's remains, before he receives a right hook from Daryl Dixon, who has had enough of his insensitivity. Frustrated, Negan points out that he will be killed on the spot if he goes back to Alexandria on his own, but Carol just suggests that he wait. Negan leads a convoy of Saviors to the Hilltop when his car is rammed by Rick who pursues him into an abandoned building. But Father Gabriel says Negan is. Negan mocks her weight and she starts to cry. He then drinks from a river, before spitting the water out. Negan lets his guard down as Gabriel grabs his gun before locking himself in the trailer's second room. In "Honor", it is indicated that Carl sees redeeming qualities in Negan since in the peaceful future he envisions, Negan is apart of it and sharing a friendly relationship with Rick and Judith. Alpha says that maybe Negan does belong with the Whisperers after all. After this Simon begins plotting against Negan, showing that their relationship has been completely and utterly severed. He tells Dwight to shoot Rick. He has also developed a close bond with Judith Grimes. "Yeah. Had Dwight not lied about her death, Negan would most likely have hunted her down and killed her. He interrogates Dwight as to why they didn’t search for him while he was attacked by Rick. Surprised, Negan says that he thought Gabriel would be the one to give him his last rites. Seller 98.7% positive. Olivia however soon becomes his hostage when it's discovered two handguns from Alexandria's armory have been misplaced as Negan wished to take all of Alexandria's firearms. Carl explains that he shot her to prevent her from turning. Negan then heads outside to talk with Milo who is playing with a toy airplane. He chuckles at her as Maggie demands he get on his knees. When Carl removes the bandage, "That is disgusting," Negan says and gleefully mocks Carl's scarred eye socket. Negan again praises Eugene on his initiative, but before he can hear the plan, Dwight and the other lieutenants report to Negan about the situation with the herd. Negan later tells Daryl that one of the things that pushed him over the edge to kill Alpha was that she was targeting innocent people and children. Though Negan blames Rick for not being there to stop Carl from doing something stupid, he admits that he's feeling the weight of Carl's death and will be for a while. Negan then forces him to lay on the ground, draws a line on his arm and forces a fearstricken Rick to decide to chop it off. Alpha reprimands Negan as he was supposed to stab the survivors in the heart so that they can reanimate and join the Whisperers' herd to which Negan claims that he simply forgot. He then brings the bat down hard onto the head of Abraham Ford (whose fate here is not revealed until the following episode), causing him to bleed heavily. Negan then leaves Gabriel in charge of arranging Eugene's bullet casings. Going up and down the line-up, he eventually stops on one survivor at random - as this is seen from the victim's perspective, the identity of the survivor is left anonymous. He tells Eugene that he doesn't make his invitation lightly and explains that he doesn't need to be scared anymore. That night, Beta notices Lydia starting to steer the Whisperers' horde away and goes after her only to confronted by Negan in his walker mask. Jeffrey Dean Morgan endeared himself to audiences with his recurring role on ABC's smash hit series, Grey's Anatomy (2005). Dwight says it doesn't matter because he's just going to do what he's told. Back in Negan's apartment, Carl taunts Negan for being unable to kill him, Rick or Daryl and tells Negan he should jump out of the window so he doesn't have to kill him. Noticing that Rick is indecisive, Negan then threatens to beat Carl the same way he did Glenn and Abraham if he does not make a decision. Negan, along with his team (which includes at least 50 others), makes a deal with the Hilltop Colony: the Saviors would use the weaponry the other group was lacking to cull all zombies wandering near the Hilltop's premises; in return, the Saviors would obtain half of Hilltop's supplies, such as livestock and crops. Caucasian-American As they talk, the people of Alexandria break out in a convoy. This list shows the victims Negan has killed: Not much is known except Lucille was Negan's true wife prior to the apocalypse. Negan appears to genuinely care for and respect Judith, even smiling on her takes of certain situations. THE WALKING DEAD'S gory introduction of Negan instantly became one of the most iconic moments in TV history. Negan then orders an angered Carl to walk forward. It’s a real challenge to adapt a popular character from one medium into another, especially iconic antagonists. Negan finally makes his return to the Sanctuary, only to find it completely abandoned and all of the Saviors gone. Negan claims that the only reason he joined the Whisperers was so he could kill Alpha, and rhetorically asks Daryl why he thinks his "girlfriend" let Negan out of his cell. Negan tells Michonne he's not meant to be in the cell just as she's not meant to be doing random chores and looking after kids. In "Ghosts", Aaron tells Negan how he hates him for death of Eric. He stated to Gregory that he likes killing people, but under the right circumstances. He was the leader of a group of survivors in the Sanctuary, called the Saviors, a group that oppresses other survivor communities and forces them to pay tribute to him. He orders him back in the car. Negan asks if he can exile people. Negan is annoyed and swings Lucille at Daryl, stopping just short of hitting him, but Daryl doesn't flinch. Brandon and Negan have interacted only once and it seems that unlike other inhabitants of Alexandria, Brandon does respect Negan to a certain degree. After some reflection, Gabriel concludes that they were destined to end up in the trailer together. Negan returns to Alexandria to counterattack when he's met by Carl (who, unbeknownst to Negan, is dying from a walker bite) who attempts to dissuade him from attacking and even offers to be killed to spare the rest. They surround Carl, and he demands to speak with Negan. While in his capture, Negan finds Daryl's defiance and resolve both amusing and astounding. (Unnamed) - Mother (Deceased)Lucille - Former Wife (Deceased)Sherry - Ex-"Wife"Amber - Ex-"Wife"Tanya - Ex-"Wife"Frankie - Ex-"Wife" (Deceased)"Alpha" - Former Lover (Deceased)Two Unnamed Ex-"Wives"Stray Dogs - Pets (Deceased) Amante de la diversión, sociópata, físicamente imponente, carismático, brutal, inteligente, feroz, aterrador, hilarante, i… Jeffrey Dean Morgan's own wife, Hilarie Burton, is playing Negan's deceased spouse.. Rick and Negan absolutely despise each other and are bitter rivals and enemies. Negan leads Alpha to the shed containing Lydia and attempts to talk Alpha out of killing her daughter so that Lydia will always be with Alpha as a walker. This however never occurred and soon after, Negan's group came under attack by Rick Grimes and his people in order to end the subjugation of the Hilltop Colony. After choosing the first Lucille victim, he warns the group to not interfere least he will bring more harm by cutting Carl's other eye and feeding it to his father. He also has no respect to those he views as being weak as he brutally slaughtered Spencer after the latter attempted to convince him to kill Rick, claiming he had no guts to do it himself. Negan tells Daryl he can be one of his top men and he can live in this apartment. Reminding them about the fever that comes from getting bit or from any other injury caused by a roamer, Negan approaches one with Lucille. Due to this, Negan kept Simon as one of his top guys and, over time, Simon's effective following of orders cemented his loyalty to Negan as his right-hand man, earning his complete trust as an equal. Michonne shoots back that she's helping rebuild civilization. Negan later discovers that Maggie is actually alive and well, enraged he had been tricked of her demise. Negan questions Gregory’s true allegiance and doubts that he holds any influence over the Hilltoppers. Here Brandon tells Negan that he wants Negan to pit Rick and the Whisperers against one another. He explains that he gave Lance and Duke, who were Simon's men, a decoy map to lure the Survivors into an ambush. He purposefully avoided killing Rick so that Carl wouldn't have to see it. Michonne says she sees Carl everywhere, and when Negan asks about her own kid, she angrily says Andre didn't make it. The bloody and brutal Season 10 of AMC's The Walking Dead confirms Negan is … ", "The Walking Dead's Negan is coming to Tekken 7", "Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins Walking Dead Cast as... Infamous Villain Negan! The second reason was just how…gross it was. Negan justifies his choice as being because he is on the top of the kill list for every Whisperer, especially Beta and he is the last person they want with them as it risks drawing too much attention. "Your friend Rick is an asshole," Negan says. Negan tries to offer sympathy though Gabriel rejects it and storms out of his cell, however he does not close the door properly and this allows Negan to finally escape from his captivity. When Carl tried to negotiate with Negan and asked if he wanted to be who he is now, Negan noticeably pauses as if Carl's words struck a nerve or reminded him of who he once intended to be. Beta despises Negan, likewise, Negan does not like Beta as well, and even mocks him. He also says he is straight forward with her, and maybe if Michonne did the same she'd know where she is. Despite this, it was eventually revealed that Negan was extremely weary of keeping Simon within his fold after the Oceanside massacre, an act that disgusted Negan. He goes as far as to lead him through the Saviors' facilities, revealing that he is the leader of a cult-like domain of selfless followers who bow to his every word and command. Negan has however stated that he hates performing this form of punishment, but also sees it as necessary as his rules matter. However, it turns out Olivia didn't lock Negan's cell properly as the door swings open, which Negan notices. Maggie arrives in Alexandria and after convincing Michonne, she is let into Negan's cell. Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. This impresses Negan who states that "this is something to build a relationship on" before telling him to find them something interesting for next time. He says the chimney makes it unsafe to light anything else on fire, so Gabriel decides they're moving to Aaron's house. When Rick sees Michonne lurking in a dilapidated house nearby, Rick asks Negan if he can give him "a second." When Sasha commits suicide to reanimate as a walker and attack Negan he laments on her demise as her potential for serving at his side was now wasted. Negan jokingly tells Daryl not to threaten him with a good time, before turning the gun on the Whisperer that handed it to him in the first place. Whistling begins just as it did on the night Glenn and Abraham died. Rick hunts for Negan in the basement. When Daryl and the group attempts to get the kids out, they don't make it far before they hit a roadblock. After being imprisoned by Rick, Negan is shown to miss his wife even more and even claims he would not want her to see him locked up, degraded, and weak. Negan affirms to that once Carson and Gabriel are caught and brought back to the Sanctuary, he will find out about their escapades. Rick hesitates, stricken by Eugene's betrayal, then gives Rosita the signal to detonate the explosives. However, the Oceanside group rebelled against him but lost the subsequent skirmish. A while later, Michonne returns to Negan's cell and acknowledges that they’re similar but distinguishes that her worldview is a lot more positive than his. "I like to help people through their weaknesses too," Negan said. Just when hope seems lost for Rick, who is almost completely lowered into the hungry herd, Negan shoots down all of the walkers in Rick's area, saving him, before leading him back to the RV. Negan, The Walking Dead ’s most fearsome antagonist, has been incredibly effective at wreaking havoc for the show’s characters since his first appearance at the end of season 6. Michonne yells that Judith is her daughter, and Negan reminds her that "maybe she is exactly like her mother and she is not taking shit lying down." Rick tells Negan he has Lucille. Aaron shoots back that if he failed Eric then Negan failed his wife and she died hating him. Maggie screams and demands that Negan die, but Michonne holds her back. "[25], Several hours later, Negan and his troops arrive at the Hilltop gates, demanding to see Rick. Negan reminds the survivors of his earlier warning that he would "shut down" any kind of insubordination without exception, and that he wants the group to know exactly who he is: a man of his word. Meanwhile, Negan and his crew works to remove chopped down trees blocking the road, delaying their arrival at Alexandria; a diversionary tactic secretly employed by Dwight. 6.8m Followers, 209 Following, 4,476 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from The Walking Dead (@amcthewalkingdead) Rick's scout team kills Lance's group and finds the map, unaware that it's a decoy. After the ritual, Negan dismisses his congregation before turning to Carl, who hands back "Lucille", and Negan leads him away, contemplating what to do with him. They are attacked by Carl, who kills two of the Saviors and demands Negan come forward. When Negan stumbles into Judith's room, despite Carl's attempts to conceal her existence, he is immediately delighted and lifts her out of her crib. He orders the Saviors to capture Carl alive, destroy every other house, and send Rick to him when he arrives. However, years later, he has softened his stance towards Negan, particularly after Negan saves Lydia from an attack in "Silence the Whisperers." He begins pacing up and down the line-up while considering his choice, and introduces Lucille, a wooden baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, as his weapon of choice. Occupation It can be said that, even in the end, they still had some respect for each other. Negan is later seen back at the Sanctuary, where he gives the Saviors a speech about their being the dominant force in the world, and the need to remind people of that. Simon argues that their methods are not working, in that Alexandria, the Hilltop, the Kingdom and the Scavengers do not seem to realize how serious the Saviors are. Negan opens the casket door. Negan meets his men returning with supplies from the Hilltop. After cleaning the axe with a blanket and Rick's jacket, Negan hands him the axe, excitedly telling him that he has a good feeling that Rick will need it. He even kills a fellow Whisperer who offered Negan food, and left Negan to die at the hands of walkers. Eugene surmises that she ran out of air. - Wallpaper Abyss Negan pulls Sherry aside; she reluctantly concedes that Mark, a Savior, shirked his work duties to be with Amber, one of Negan's wives. Negan asks Gabriel for his help. She opens the cell and slams him against the wall as he begs for death. Rick grabs his hatchet and chops at Negan's hands. She opens the cell and slams him against the wall as he begs for death. Upon entering, however, he finds her missing and is greeted with a punch to the face from Daryl, who holds Negan at crossbowpoint. Negan refuses Rick's offer, and reveals that Gregory has defected to the Saviors, meaning that Hilltop is now under Negan’s control. Alpha holds a knife to his crotch and tells him not to sow paranoia in the camp, warning if he's wrong she'll cut his balls off. An army made up of gangs of animals. Negan is next seen when Gabriel finds shelter in an outbuilding and Negan is revealed to be there too. Negan refers to the bat as her as if she is a person and asking it to give him strength. Eugene stares intently at Dwight, instead of ratting him out, he informs Negan that he intends to repair the intercom system, giving them an advantage in communications with the rest of the community. Michonne reacts in anger and storms off. Michonne says she sees Carl everywhere, and when Negan asks about her own kid, she angrily says Andre didn’t make it. In the future, Carl envisioned for Rick, Negan is tending the gardens in Alexandria when Judith walks up to him. A nervous Eugene inquires about the events that occurred at Alexandria, Negan questions his inquiry, asking if he cares despite Alexandria's actions against him since his defection.

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