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LOL! Emily Prentiss was a very nice woman and JJ enjoyed talking with her. Looking forward to her and Emily interactions. “I’m sure he’s fine baby” Emily said stroking JJ’s hair. She swallowed the invisible lump in her throat. Emily frowned. She will be here with our team for three months. a sequel!! Until now, a mocking voice added in her head. Appreciation page for ilovetvalot. Thanks, Lisa. She had never felt so betrayed before. The younger woman frowned at the mention of Emily’s name. 814 likes. Before JJ could say anything she heard another voice from the background – Emily’s. Stay... where? That night JJ dreamed about Emily and a wide smile painted on her face – she was at home. “McKenzie Adams, stay away from my drawers!” She threw a pillow towards the woman, and the redhead laughed. She stacked the files on her desk – threw them into piles, to be exact. He’s too polite to tell her off.” You're not creeped out by the inner voices? “Emily’s feelings have nothing to do with the way I feel. She's the one that left. Everclear Set, Everything to Everyone, I Will Buy You a New Life, One Hit Wonder. She lay down on her bed, grabbing a pillow to support the head, and turned her attention back to the phone. One-shot fic: Denial and A Shade of Jealousy (Emily/JJ). Cast: Lee Jonghyun [CN Blue] and Choi Sulli [f(x)] | Support Cast: Jung Yonghwa [CN Blue], Choi Minho [SHINee] and Jung Soojung [Krystal f(x)] | Genre: Friendship, Fluff, AU and Ha… And...”, “And there’s the hot blonde who couldn’t stop staring at my arm on your waist,” McKenzie teased. loved the jealous JJ! Stale .. quickly .. right, so yes Ma'am, i ll eat brownies right away! Summary: JJ gets a bit jealous but wouldn't admit it. She hated that Emily could read her that easily – she hated how obvious she was in front of Emily. And just ignore Kenz; she’ll be here long and I’ll have a lot of time to chat with her. JJ didn’t fail to notice that the redhead still had her arm around Emily’s waist, and again, she felt an uncomfortable nudge in her heart. There was a dimple on his left cheek when she smiled or talked. Thankfully for Emily’s pride, JJ left her alone to undress and shower herself. And to make things worse, she heard voices from Emily’s background. spencer, too, along with the others. Jennifer "JJ" Jareau/Emily Prentiss; Jennifer "JJ" Jareau; Emily Prentiss; Summary. “Guys, this is...” Hotch had begun to introduce them to the woman when Emily interrupted him. Oh dear, what are you doing here?” The red haired woman took a step forward and pulled Emily into a hug. It Only Hurts When I Breathe PG-13 Emily/JJ An epilogue of sorts to season 3, episode 17, In Heat, from Emily's point of view. Hanging up like that – Emily must be worried sick. Bu..but it's not a cliff hanger!!! JJ/Emily, Izzy asks questions about her father and the baby. JJ didn’t know if she should laugh or cry when Emily confessed that the woman couldn’t remember the food she had eaten earlier that day – JJ took it that Emily had been deeply engrossed in her conversation with Agent Adams while eating. Morgan was born on June 6, 1973, to an African-American father and a Caucasian mother. I don’t realize other people flirt with me because I am so madly in love with you, even if no one knows yet. Submerging himself into a risky life, Baekhyun or known as the top-notch fighter Leo, carries out illegal tasks. the nature of fanfiction is that the reader has a pre-existing relationship with this world and these characters. “What a waste of money,” Emily replied sarcastically, chuckling. Her cheeks blushed. Hotch nodded at the woman. Would be fun to watch and let's see if Mack really did changed. Having Emily as a friend was beyond convenient – JJ didn’t have to worry about offending the other woman; Emily was the sweetest person on earth. By lunch time JJ couldn’t find Emily anywhere and she asked Morgan if he knew where the brunette was. I mean look at JJ and Will.” Emily stands up and places a finger to his lip. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. “She was... oh, never mind. Feel free to submit! ... fanfiction; jemily +3 more # 19. She hooked her fingers into them and slowly moved the offending item down Emily's toned smooth legs. And yes, Mack! And she looked at Emily. Of the others?” Emily repeated, furrowing her brows as she studied the angular lines of his profile. JJ/Emily, Izzy asks questions about her father and the baby. And the brunette would do that without asking for anything in return. Please put us out of our misery and continue this because there's alot you could do with it. Come on, JJ, admit it – you’re jealous. “You reached the domain of the super noblewoman Emily Prentiss, to whom am I speaking, please?” a cheerful voice that wasn’t Emily’s greeted JJ, causing the blonde to frown. When your Dad is the most feared person in the Lost … She heard something about ‘what did I tell you about picking up my calls’ and the reply was, “But it rang and you weren’t there to answer.”. “Thank God!” Emily lys back again with a sigh looking at Morgan and praying that he won’t remember anything from the night, either. But it may take time - next week will be a bit crazy for me. Thanks heaps for sharing, Thank you. That was fabulous but there's no way this can be a one-shot. Nothing more.” then places a kiss on his lips. The redhead was really good at making people dish their most embarrassing thoughts to her. “We’re so not talking about this, McKenzie,” Emily said in a low voice. “Do I love her like she loved me?” JJ frowned as she realized that she had used the word ‘loved’ instead of ‘loves’. Thanks.. There they are,” JJ said, nodding at the door as she saw Hotch walking into the briefing room; the woman was following him. "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not a doctor. Emily wasn’t her lover; heck, JJ wasn’t even into women. “Is something the matter? Emily wasn’t her lover; heck, JJ wasn’t even into women. The team spent their time writing the reports. “No,” she replied quickly, hiding her disappointment. It was well written & funny and nice to see JJ realising her feelings and how selfish she is for letting Em love her and not return the feelings.....what do I have to do to make you write more???? “Wh...Who is this?” JJ asked, hoping that she was wrong. JJ’s heart sank as her friend confirmed who the other person was. I say you should have Jane, JJ, and Liv duke it all out for Serena! She couldn’t explain why – it wasn’t like Emily belonged to her, but JJ still didn’t like it. Emily’s head turned to see who was coming. She didn’t realize her thought was actually said until Emily replied to her innocently, “Oh, I didn’t tell you? The woman was tall with dazzling auburn hair that reached her collarbone. “Research for my Doctorate degree,” she replied. I love the moment when Cara's concern for Kahlan overcomes her bad mood. And actually, I have posted the sequel to this one a while ago. Kenz is staying at my place until she finishes her research.”. I will rec any pairing if I believe the story is well written. The two were walking side by side from the lift. She was staring.”. She didn’t say anything. LOL! JJ had just gotten out of her office when she saw Hotch talking with a very attractive woman in an elegant suit. Welcomed to the team? dontshootmespence:. But then again, being loved – as a woman rather than as a friend – by Emily was also comfortable. Aug 10, 2017 - Read Your celebrity crush he is jealous of from the story Sidemen preferences by ZerkaaBae (Emily [SDMN]) with 8,990 reads. JJ only caught a little of their conversation. I am not jealous!” JJ said it louder, hoping to stop the inner voice from saying more things. I'm currently in treatment at the moment. She looks like a goddess, JJ thought. Garcia and Elysium quickly got JJ up and made their way out of the room. Maybe a lot a bit. To JJ, “sorry about that. :D *blushes*, Ah, credit given where credit due... but I will resort to shameless begging when left to wait too long ;). “I’d love to talk with you. She told Emily that her day was pretty much boring and that she was looking for Emily around lunchtime but couldn’t find the brunette. She sighed. JJ was still lying wide awake in her bed a couple of hours later. Who doesn't want to see that? The blonde was baffled by Emily’s last words to McKenzie. “Well, lady, you’re the one who called. To JJ’s surprise, Hotch had asked Emily to brief Agent Adams about everything. “Seriously, Kenz, if you want to stay here, you’d better not go anywhere near my drawers!” warned Emily. Come on, JJ, admit it – you’re jealous. “Am I disturbing you?”, “No, not at all. "I'll get the car," Hotch said, running away from his coffee. “I didn’t see anyone.”. please...please!!! No matter how busy the brunette was, she always took time to text JJ. "But stop making suggestions then get all annoyed when I make a choice.". She would put the subject down – for now. But she said she loved me, the other part of her argued back. Jennifer "JJ" Jareau/Emily Prentiss; Jennifer "JJ" Jareau; Emily Prentiss; Summary. I was super angry when the dumped JJ and had Paget as a part-timer due to a tightening budget and then the producers had the gall to start a spin-off series. She always asks Emily to share stories about her travels. He then welcomed the woman to say a few words before they began reviewing the last case. She had seen the way McKenzie Adams looked at Emily, and she didn’t like it. :D I still think the story has no story in it, tho. She waved at Morgan and returned to her office, not feeling hungry anymore. Cross post from There was something in Emily’s statement that raised her curiosity, but she ignored it. Emily had done everything for her – and JJ was sure the older woman would give JJ her arm if JJ asked her to; yet JJ never did anything for the brunette. Derek mentions, “I’m sorry I get jealous. She knew that there was something between Emily and the blonde; she had seen the way Emily looked at JJ and McKenzie had seen the look once, years ago, and she knew what that meant. (notes for self: no keeping of brownies!) But when the voice died out, JJ began to feel lost. she thought. Emily doesn’t belong to you, Jareau, she reminded herself. It sounded like Agent Adams entered Emily’s room. JJ had thought that McKenzie Adams was attractive when she first saw her; she changed her mind – the woman in front of her was stunning. Title: One-shot fic: Denial and A Shade of Jealousy Author: Yours truly, Red. Garcia knew something was off, but she didn’t press the matter – at least for now. 404 16 8. She glanced at the digital clock on her bedside table. He’s okay” JJ looked down at the sleeping boy and ran her hand through his blonde hair. , the voice whispered triumphantly in her head and JJ wanted to drill her head that very instant. I forget the title, tho. “McKenzie Adams! JJ stared at them without blinking. Emily took JJ’s hand “I’m sorry we fought” She furrowed her brows into a deep frown and walked upstairs to her bedroom, glaring at McKenzie as the red-haired woman snorted and making faces at her. Maybe Emily had just faced death too many times and was reaching her breaking point, it happens to many good agents.

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