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Hong Kong protests, one year on 19 As Hong Kong marks a year after the anti-government movement began, a series looking at how key players have fared since the June 9 mass rally in 2019. Frontline protesters in hong kong; Anlass war ein vorgeschlagenes gesetz über flüchtige straftäter und rechtshilfe in strafsachen. So why aren't the protesters angry at the rich and powerful? The government insisted the soldiers were volunteers, and that it had made no request for assistance. Proteste in Hongkong 2019/2020. [579], After condemning the protesters who had stormed the legislature on 1 July for their "use of extreme violence",[580] and those who had defaced the national emblem during the 21 July protest,[581] Lam suggested in early August 2019 that the protests had deviated from their original purpose and that their goal now was to challenge China's sovereignty and damage "one country, two systems". Protesters seen held in a police kettle during a protest in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. [242][243] Lennon Walls were set up in various neighbourhoods to spread messages of support and display protest art. [497], Tourism was also affected: the number of visitors travelling to Hong Kong in August 2019 declined by 40 per cent compared to a year earlier,[498] while the National Day holiday saw a decline of 31.9 per cent. Seit der Übergabe Hongkongs an China Mitte 1997 wird die frühere britische Kolonie autonom regiert. Source. Foto: AP Photo/ Kin Cheung/ dpa . [674] Christina Lai from Academia Sinica concurred that the situation in Hong Kong created a sense of "urgency" for Taiwanese voters, as China's hardline reaction implied that they would use the same strategy to undermine Taiwan's autonomy in the future. [194] In January 2021, the police arrested more than 50 individuals, all of whom were candidates in the primaries for "subverting state power". Facebook. [622] Beijing accused the movement of displaying "characteristics of colour revolutions" and "signs of terrorism". The teen was arrested before any petrol bomb was thrown. [133] After the conflict, protesters briefly occupied several universities. A study conducted by the University of Hong Kong found that the protests were having negative impacts on the mental health of Hong Kong residents with one third of adults, around 2 million adults of a total population of 7.4 million, reporting symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) during the protests, up from 5 per cent in March 2015. An Apple Daily reporter who was doxed by the website was targeted with sexual harassment via "hundreds of threatening calls". [228] A middle-aged man was doused with flammable liquid and set on fire by a protester after he had an altercation with protesters at Ma On Shan station on 11 November. Dieser Artikel beschreibt ein aktuelles Ereignis. This was a response to the failure of the Umbrella Revolution which fell apart partly due to internal conflicts within the pro-democratic bloc. Police sources of the Washington Post have said that a culture of impunity pervades the police force, such that riot police often disregarded their training or became dishonest in official reports to justify excessive force. She was concerned about the risk to organisers over the possible disruption by protestors of public events and press conferences. It self-regulates even as it constantly reinvents itself", "Hunger strikers vow to continue Hong Kong protest – Protesters that include members of religious groups say fast not over until extradition bill is officially withdrawn", "Hong Kong's human chain protest against extradition bill", "Hundreds of petitions appear in protest of Hong Kong's controversial China extradition bill", "Hong Kong neighborhoods echo with late night cries for freedom", "Hong Kong students boycott classes as Chinese media warns 'end is coming", "Hong Kong students hold second day of class boycotts and pro-democracy rallies", "How Hong Kong's Lennon Walls became showcases for art and design of extradition bill protests", "In Pictures: 'Lennon Wall' message boards appear across Hong Kong districts in support of anti-extradition bill protesters", "Hong Kong protesters gear up at 'National Calamity Hardware Store, "Broken bones, blisters and bruises: Hong Kong underground clinic volunteers grapple with influx of protest injuries", "Stand strong and brace for long battle over extradition bill, mourners told at vigil for two protesters at Hong Kong Education University", "Wilting bauhinias and widemouthed tigers: The evolution of Hong Kong's protest posters", "Hong Kong's fast-learning, dexterous protesters are stumped by Twitter", "Decentralized governance: inside Hong Kong's open source revolution (LIHKG, Reddit, Pincong, GitHub)", "Social media has become a battleground in Hong Kong's protests", "Masked protesters hold own press con as Hong Kong NGOs condemn alleged police abuses", "How to mobilise millions: Lessons from Hong Kong", "Hong Kong protesters and police clash, metro and shops targeted", "Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protesters stage 'marathon petition' at G20 nation consulates ahead of Osaka summit", "The Face of a Faceless Protest: Meet Hong Kong's Ventus Lau", "Hong Kong activists Denise Ho and Joshua Wong testify at US congressional hearing on protests", "Why Hong Kong's 'Special Status' Is Touchy Territory", "Hong Kong protesters raise US$1.97 million for international ad campaign as they accuse police of 'war crimes' and using 'chemical weapons, "Explainer: The conflicting messages behind protesters' use of the colonial Hong Kong flag", "Hong Kong protesters slash personal spending in economic boycott designed to force government into meeting extradition bill demands", "Not the Michelin guide: Hong Kong restaurants branded 'yellow' if they support protests, 'blue' if they don't", "Hundreds of office workers march across Hong Kong in protest against government and to show support for student who died in car park fall", "Democracy Drives Labor in a Hyper-Capitalist City", "Hong Kong Protesters Finally Have (Some) Power", "Motion to impeach Hong Kong Chief Exec. Observers noted that the delay could have been politically motivated as the pro-Beijing camp may lose their majority in the LegCo following the election. [439] Shop owners in Yuen Long have expressed concern after police failed to consult them for evidence even six months after the attack. [107] Protesters rallied outside the Mong Kok police station in the following weeks to condemn police brutality and demanded the MTR Corporation release the CCTV footage of that night as rumours began to circulate on the internet that the police's operation had caused death, which they denied. They also reiterated that attending prohibited group gatherings was an illegal act, as was any attempt at unauthorized assembly, adding that such acts also seriously increased the risk of spreading the coronavirus. 525) to establish a mechanism for case-by-case transfers of fugitives, on the order of the chief executive, to any jurisdiction with which the city lacks a formal extradition treaty. [153][154] Police have used coronavirus laws banning groups of more than four, for example, to disperse protesters. Some were "scouts" who shared real-time updates whenever they spotted the police,[277][278] while others were "firefighters" who extinguished tear gas with kitchenware and traffic cones. [218] Perpetrators were indiscriminately attacking commuters in the concourse and on the platform of Yuen Long station, as well as inside train compartments, resulting in a widespread backlash from the community. 01 Juli 2020 | International . Trotz strikter Abstandsregeln kamen in einem Einkaufszentrum der chinesischen Sonderverwaltungszone am… Mittwoch 15.04.2020 3:44 - swissinfo. [510], Lam's administration was criticised for its performance during the protests – her perceived arrogance and obstinacy,[511][49] and her reluctance to engage in dialogue with protesters. [562] A Guardian article dated 22 October 2019 reported that "protesters have tracked at least nine cases of suicides that appear to be linked directly to the demonstrations" since June. [268] Newly elected District Council members put forward motions to condemn the police and used their power to assist the detained protesters. [493] Stock of protest supplies ran low in both Hong Kong and Taiwan. [560] Symptoms of PTSD were found not only to afflict protesters, but also those watching events unfold on the news, living in affected areas, or working in jobs that are related to the movement (nurses, doctors, reporters, police, and street cleaners). On the other hand, protesters justified their actions by what they saw as the greater good of protecting the territory's freedoms against the encroachment of mainland China. One 18-year-old student protester was shot in the chest by police in Tsuen Wan while trying to hit a policeman with a rod. Despite this, the pro-democratic movement's tactics were repurposed to pressure the government to take stronger actions to safeguard Hong Kong's public health in the face of the coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong. [635][636] Chinese media also attempted to appeal to the "silent majority"[637] and blame the protests on Hong Kong's education system. [343] At the end of July, 60 per cent of respondents in public surveys were dissatisfied with police handling of incidents since June 2019. Photograph: Anthony Kwan/Getty Images Police charge before shooting pepper pellets in … [74] Lam officially apologised to the public on 18 June two days after another massive march, but ignored calls for resign. The police later backed down on the claim, saying that among the protesters, only five of them rioted. The United States passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act on 27 November 2019 in response to the protest movement. The peaceful group held mass rallies, flash mobs, and engaged in other forms of protest such as hunger strikes,[238] forming human chains,[239] launching petitions,[240] labour strikes,[241] and class boycotts. [518] Distrust toward the government and the lack of police accountability also led to the temporary prevalence of conspiracy theories. Hongkong Proteste 2020 : Hong Kong Protesters: We Want Trump | The National Interest. Mai 2020, wenige Tage vor der Verabschiedung und dem Inkrafttreten des nationalen Sicherheitsgesetzes in Hongkong, die schon zuvor von China vertretene Position, dass die internationale Kritik an Chinas Umgang mit Hongkong eine "Einmischung in innere Angelegenheiten" sei. Hongkonger*innen in Hamburg fürchten das Ende der Demokratie in ihrer Heimat – und warnen Deutsche vor den Konsequenzen. [291][292][293][294] Protesters also directed violence at symbols of the government by vandalising government and pro-Beijing lawmakers' offices,[295][296] and defacing symbols representing China. This included tactics such as using selective cuts of news footage and creating false narratives. About sharing. [452] One of the expert panel members, Clifford Stott, said in June 2020 that the police had misjudged the dynamics of the protests and had used disproportionate force at almost all protests, thus creating more disorder than it prevented. [85] While a standoff between the protesters and the police occurred on Hong Kong Island,[86] groups of white-clad individuals, suspected triad members, appeared and indiscriminately attacked people inside Yuen Long station. Teresa Cheng 'injured' in brush with London protesters", "How Catalan protest tactics are inspired by Hong Kong", "Thailand and Hong Kong are brewing an anti-authoritarian #MilkTeaAlliance", "Exiled HK protesters face uncertain future in Taiwan", "Hong Kong protests loom large over Taiwan election", "The Impact of the Hong Kong Protests on the Election in Taiwan", "U.S. senators seek quick passage of Hong Kong rights bill", "U.S. Senate Unanimously Passes Measure Backing Hong Kong", "Senate Unanimously Approves Measure Backing Hong Kong Protesters", "U.S. Senate passes HK rights bill backing protesters, angers Beijing", "Trump signs bills backing Hong Kong protesters into law, in spite of Beijing's objections", "The NBA landed in hot water after the Houston Rockets GM supported the Hong Kong protests. [496] The Hang Seng Index declined by at least 4.8 per cent from 9 June 2019 to late August 2019. Juli 2020, dem Jahrestag der Übergabe der Staatshoheit Hongkongs an China, bezeichnete Zhang, … [164], On 30 June, the NPCSC passed the national security law unanimously, without informing the public and the local officials of the content of the law. An estimated 5,000 riot policemen in heavy gear guard the LegCo building. [72] His anti-extradition slogans later became the foundations for the "five demands" of the protests, and his yellow raincoat became one of the symbols of the protests. Her performance and those of Secretary for Security John Lee and Secretary for Justice Teresa Cheng were called "disastrous". However, the movement ended in failure as the government offered no concessions. The last poll showed that an increasing number of Hongkongers support the pro-democracy goals since the national security law was implemented. [672], Some protesters fled to Taiwan to avoid prosecution. [623][624] The Beijing government and state-run media accused foreign forces of interfering with domestic affairs and supporting the protesters. [574] In early July, Lam reiterated that the bill "had passed away" and reaffirmed that all efforts to amend the law had ceased, though her use of language was thought to be ambiguous. Frontliners' "full gear" consisted of umbrellas, face masks, hard hats and respirators to shield themselves from projectiles and teargas. [244][245] Protesters had set up pop-up stores that sold cheap protest gadgets,[246] provided undercover clinics for young activists,[247] and crowdfunded to help people in need of medical or legal assistance. [393], The kettling of protesters,[360][394] police operations on private property,[395] the firing of pepper ball rounds at protesters at near point-blank range,[396] the dyeing of Kowloon Mosque, the use of the water cannon trucks against pedestrians,[346][397] insufficient protection for police dogs,[398] accessing patients' medical records without consent,[399][400][401] driving dangerously, and how police displayed their warning signs[402] were also sources of controversy. September 2020, gestern und dieser Woche. After the Yuen Long attack, no assailant was charged for weeks after the event, while young protesters were charged with rioting within several days. Jahrestag der Rückgabe an China ist in Hongkong alles anders. Their claim that it was impossible to recognise a person in the video footage was widely criticised. [434] During the pandemic period, it has also used the law banning groups of 4 to further ban peaceful protests. [62] With the possibility of a second reading of the bill, the Civil Human Rights Front (CHRF), a platform for 50 pro-democracy groups, launched their third protest march on 9 June. Jump to latest. [97][98][99] On 13 August, protesters at the airport cornered, tied up and assaulted two men they accused of being either undercover police or agents for the mainland, who were later identified as a tourist and a Global Times reporter. The Central People's Government alleged that foreign powers were instigating the conflict, although the protests have been largely described as "leaderless". [369] The siege of PolyU, which was described as a "humanitarian crisis" by democrats and medics,[370][138] prompted the Red Cross and Medecins Sans Frontieres to intervene as the wounded protesters trapped inside ran out of supplies and lacked first-aid care. [520], The government's extended absence and its lack of a political solution in the early stage of the protests catapulted the police into the front line, and heavy-handed policing became a substitute for solving a political crisis. [34] Since then, democratic development has stalled: only half of the seats in the Legislative Council remain directly elected, and the chief executive of Hong Kong continues to be elected by the small-circle Election Committee. [161][162] The draft sparked increased protests: the mass march on 24 May in Causeway Bay was the largest protest since the beginning of the pandemic, as civilians responded to online calls to march against both the National Anthem Bill and the proposed national security law. The protests deepened the rift between the "yellow" (pro-democracy) and "blue" (pro-government) camps created since the Umbrella Revolution. [204] A reporter was stabbed and a teenager distributing pro-protest leaflets had his abdomen slashed. An diesem Tag überquerte ich mit der Fähre den Victoria Harbour, vom Stadtteil Central nach Tsim Sha Tsui. [252] Protesters held "civil press conferences" to counter press conferences by police and the government. [693] Amnesty International praised the protesters for their dedication despite facing "abusive policing tactics" which include the "wanton use of tear gas, arbitrary arrests, physical assaults and abuses in detention". [515] On 2 September, Reuters received a leaked audio recording in which Carrie Lam admitted that she had "very limited" room to manoeuvre between the Central People's Government and Hong Kong, and that she would quit, if she had a choice. [290] Corporations that protesters accused of being pro-Beijing, mainland Chinese companies, and shops engaging in parallel trading, were also vandalised, subject to arson or spray-painted. [617], Reuters conducted polls in December 2019,[618] March 2020,[619] June 2020[620] and August 2020. Related Topics. [650] Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office director Zhang Xiaoming was demoted and replaced by Xia Baolong in February 2020. [160] Despite international pressure, the NPCSC passed the national security legislation that day. [628][629] Chinese diplomats and ambassadors in more than 70 countries broadcast Beijing's position on the protests to shape international opinion. [263], Efforts were made to transform the protests into a long-lasting movement. [192] It also attempted to reshape the narrative of the Yuen Long attack by claiming that the attack had not been indiscriminate, changing the officially reported police response time, and arresting Lam Cheuk-ting, a pro-democracy lawmaker who was hurt in the attack, for "rioting". This resulted in the first use of live rounds by police. [577] One day prior to the first dialogue session of Lam on 26 September 2019, a Chinese envoy termed the demands "political blackmail", leading to doubts on the leeway Lam had in the sessions. The daily quota of 150 immigrants from China since 1997, and the massive flows of mainland visitors strained Hong Kong's public services and eroded local culture; mainlanders' arrogance drew the scorn of Hongkongers. [347][348][349] Police were found to have been using tear gas as an offensive weapon,[350] firing it indoors inside a railway station,[350] using expired tear gas, which could release toxic gases upon combustion,[351] and firing canisters from high-rise buildings. Trotz CoV viele LKW unterwegs. They dug up paving bricks and threw them at police; others used petrol bombs, corrosive liquid and other projectiles against police. [516] However, the next day she told the media that she had never contemplated discussing her resignation with the Beijing authorities. [670][671] Protesters also formed the Milk Tea Alliance with Taiwanese and Thai netizens to counter online mainland Chinese trolls, but it slowly evolves into an online democratic solidarity movement that advocates for democracy in Southeast Asia. Police defended the latter action as an appropriate response by well-trained officers to attacks by protesters, and that "[driving] fast doesn't mean it is unsafe". Die Informationen können sich deshalb rasch ändern. [673] The Hong Kong protests were considered a contributing factor in the landslide victory of Tsai Ing-wen during the 2020 Taiwanese presidential election. During the operation, reporters from several major news outlets were rejected from entering cordoned-off areas where a scheduled press briefing was held. [316], On 25 October 2019, Hong Kong Police obtained a court injunction prohibiting anyone from sharing any personal information about police officers or their families. Carrie Lam rejected at legislature by pro-Beijing camp", "Hardhats have replaced umbrellas as the symbol of Hong Kong's protests", "Hong Kong protesters cast 'dark day' over city's innovation sector by vandalising smart lamp posts, says technology chief Nicholas Yang", "Hong Kong's 'water revolution' spins out of control", "Explainer: How frontline protesters' toolkit has evolved over Hong Kong's long summer of dissent", "Hong Kong protests: The video game-like roles taken when demonstrations turn violent, from 'fire wizards' to scouts", "Hong Kongers get creative with traffic cones and kitchenware to fight tear gas", "Apple allows Hong Kong protest map app that can track police and protester locations", "Hong Kong: Petrol bombs tossed at police in latest protest", "Yuen Long protest gets ugly, petrol bombs thrown", "What led to a single gunshot being fired?

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