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He was born Alexander Clarke but later changed his name to Bustamante. He was a staunch supporter of the working class during the labor unrests of 1938 and became its leading spokesperson. 3 talking about this. The JLP remained in opposition following the 1959 elections, when the number of seats was increased to 45. It went on to win the 1949 elections with a reduced majority, before losing power to the PNP in the 1955 elections. [21], Golding resigned as head of the party and Prime Minister in October 2011 and was succeeded by Andrew Holness. He was also the founder of the popularly known "shower party" - The Jamaica Labour Party in 1943. On September 8, 1940, Bustamante was detained at Up Park Camp, for alleged violation of the Defence of the Realm Act. [14] It went on to win the 1949 elections with a reduced majority. Donald Sangster became the second Prime Minister. Jul 25, 2016 - Jamaica's head of Government is the Prime Minister. For the next decade (1962-1972) the conservative authoritarian JLP dominated Jamaican politics treating the state as an extension of the party which was itself an extension of Bustamante's labor union. History [edit | edit source]. Portia Simpson Miller; President of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union, Kavan Gayle; and Dean of the Diplomatic Corps, His Exellency Jose Tomas Ares German. Alexander Bustamante had dominated the JLP with an iron hand, hence there had been no opposition to his naming Edward Seaga as the contestant for the constituency of West Kingston in 1962. 1962 - Jamaica becomes independent within the British Commonwealth with Alexander Bustamante of the Jamaica Labour Party ... 1989 - PNP ousts JLP in … The Rt. What Are The Damages That A Hurricane Can Cause? Later he founded the Jamaica Labour Party … 1 (876) 926-3590-4 When Bustamante became ill in 1964, he made Shearer unofficial head of the union and Donald Sangster the acting prime minister. The first general election under Universal Adult Suffrage was held in 1944 and the JLP won 22 of the 32 seats. Sir Alexander Bustamante became the champion of the working class when he advocated their cause during 1937 and 1938, a period of major social unrest. We muss memba say (Sir Alexander) Bustamante was a member of the PNP before him go over to JLP. The PNP received more votes (203,048) than the JLP (199,538), but the JLP secured more seats; 17 to the PNP's 13. Portia Simpson Miller. Physically impressive, standing approximately 6’5’ with gangling gait. As a young man, Bustamante was restless and traveled extensively between 1905 and 1934, going from Panama to … Bustamante also wanted to be recognized as a political leader in addition to being a Trade Union Leader. Rev. Dr. Robert Love's People's Convention of 1894 and Marcus Garvey's People's Political Party of 1929 were two of Jamaica's earlier political parties. Ronald Thwaites, who represented Prime Minister, the Most Hon. [18], In 1983 with the JLP achieving a spike in popularity, in part because of Seaga's support of the US-led military invasion of Grenada, Seaga called early elections and won all sixty seats, the majority by acclamation, mainly because the opposition PNP boycotted those elections. This represented a stark contrast to those who sought to enhance social benefits which were denied to the persons at the … Nació en 1884 en Blenheim, una villa rural de la parroquia de Hanover, y fue bautizado William Alexander Clarke. Alexander Bustamante and Norman Manley, National Heroes of Jamaica, were cousins who steered Jamaica in the tumultuous years from 1938 through to Independence in 1962 (and beyond). Excellent Sir Alexander Bustamante, in honour of the 132nd anniversary of his birth, during a floral tribute at National Heroes Park, in Kingston, on Wednesday, February 24. In 1964 he acted as prime minister when Sir Alexander Bustamante was ill, and again in 1965 until the 1967 general elections when the JLP was reelected and he became Jamaica’s second prime minister on February 22. He was released from detention on February 8, 1942. ALEXANDER BUSTAMANTE Alexander Bustamante was born in the parish of Hanover, Jamaica, in 1884. Ronald Thwaites, lays  a wreath at the shrine of National Hero, the Rt. Bustamante had political ambitions of his own, however. In addition, both individuals were staunchly opposed by British colonial officials. The party was founded on 8 July 1943 by Alexander Bustamante as the political wing of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union. As the party grew, it apparently presented conflicts for a prominent member, Sir Alexander Bustamante. Bustamante joined the PNP shortly after its launch in 1938, but left the party and went to form the JLP in 1943. The country settled into a two-term victory cycle as it best reflected the divisions between the JLP and the PNP. 4 talking about this. Alexander Bustamante developed the first major Jamaican labor organization the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union in 1937. Unfortunately, he never … In May 2008, in an interview with Stephen Sackur of the BBC, Bruce Golding PM and Party Leader declared that any cabinet formed by him would exclude any MP known to be gay. Hon. Bustamante, who was affectionately called ‘The Chief’ in his political life, was one of the country’s leading statesman. Hon. Alexander Bustamante was born William Alexander Clarke, in Blenheim, Hanover, on February 24, 1884. When the election was run in December 1944, the JLP won 22 seats in the 32 member House of Representatives; the PNP four seats, and indep… Among them was Acting President of the University of Technology (UTech), Ambassador Burchell Whiteman who, in his tribute to Sir Alexander, described him as “a giant of a man who played a significant role in laying the foundations of the democracy and the promotion of workers’ rights which we enjoy today.”. The voter turnout was 65.2%. However, shortly after naming his Cabinet, Sir Donald was stricken with a neurological disorder, and was rushed to a hospital in Montreal, Canada. Aug 16, 2014 - While the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) was celebrating its revered founder Sir Alexander Bustamante last week, a Canadian-based Jamaican journalist was Junior Estate Overseer 5. Sir Alexander Bustamante was born William Alexander Clarke on February 24, 1884, in Blenheim, Hanover. Bustamante and the JLP campaigned successfully against participation, leading to Jamaica's withdrawal and the breakup of the federation. While its name might suggest that it is a social democratic party (as is the case for "Labour" parties in several other Commonwealth realms such as Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom), the JLP is actually a conservative party. Several dignitaries gathered at his shrine in National Heroes Park, on Wednesday, February 24, to participate in a floral tribute to the National Hero. Manley was appointed Jamaica's first premier on 14 August 1959. The first general election under Universal Adult Suffrage came in 1944 and the JLP won 22 of the 32 seats. Along with his cousin, Norman Washington Manley, he is considered one of the founding fathers of modern Jamaica. The voter turnout with 65.1%. Bustamante is honoured in Jamaica with the title National Hero of Jamaica in recognition of his achievements. He died on August 6, 1977, at the age of 93. Bee Keeper 3. Dieter Nohlen (2005) Elections in the Americas: A data handbook, Volume I, p. 430. Tramcar Inspector 6. Log In. His parents were Robert Clarke, an Irish-descended book-keeper and Mary Clarke, nee Wilson, a small farmer. [20] This election ended 18 years of PNP rule, and Bruce Golding became the new prime minister. Tavares had come out on top in the first ballot, with Shearer and Robert Lightbourne being the other candidates. On 10 April 1962, of the 45 seats up for contention in the 1962 Jamaican general election, the JLP won 26 seats and the PNP 19. Others were Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Andrew Holness; Minister of Education, Hon. Nació en 1884 en Blenheim, una villa rural de la parroquia de Hanover, y fue bautizado William Alexander Clarke. Excellent Sir Alexander Bustamante, in honour of the 132nd anniversary of his birth, during a floral tribute at National Heroes Park, in Kingston, today (February 24). [18], Seaga became Prime Minister after victory in 1980 when the party won by a landslide, capturing 51 of the then 60 parliamentary seats. He founded the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union [BITU], the first trade union in Jamaica. Bustamante had replaced Manley as premier between April and August, and on independence, he became Jamaica's first prime minister. Bustamante soon established his leadership in the rising political movement; in the 1944 elections the JLP won 22 seats in the local parliament, to 5 for the PNP. Pearnel Charles M.P. The Right Excellent Sir William Alexander Clarke Bustamante (24 February 1884 – 6 August 1977) was a Jamaican politician and labour leader who became the first prime minister of Jamaica. (2002 - present) The JLP went on to lose elections in 1993, 1997 and 2002, all under the continued leadership of Seaga. 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The PNP won for the first time, securing 18 out of 32 seats. However, the turnout at this election was just 37%, probably affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Lowest majority was returned by Mr. Roy McNeil in Central St. Catherine (a majority of 82). The Launching of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Bustamante was a member of the PNP but he left the PNP and formed the Jamaica Labour Party on July 8, 1943.

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