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After Bolton started to ignore her, enraged Sam started hurling insults to him when they were playing a basketball game in episode 16. She was the girlfriend of Finn Sharkey at the moment of her death, which left him totally devastated. Earl makes some enemies during his first day. Rose demands to see Earl, who is lurking out of the way. Later in the series, Lauren’s resentment is taken a step too far when she allowed Sambuca to take the blame for bringing in drugs that had actually belonged to Amy. The two became good friends, even sparking a relationship from Kyle's short time at Waterloo Road. Meanwhile, Sambuca is finding it difficult to settle in, especially when she's told off by a stressed Matt and forced to sit facing the class wall. Although Rose attended the classes, she wasn't too happy about it and got into a physical altercation with fellow classmate and later best friend, Candice. He's the psychopathic violent one of the family, but is fiercely protective of them in some ways. https://bbc-waterloo-road.fandom.com/wiki/Earl_Kelly?oldid=16826, Actor Reece Noi, who played Earl Kelly, also played. Lauren and her new sidekick, Amy decided to ignore her, who felt hurt by their actions. Matt encouraged her to return to where Sambuca is able to be happy. Afterwards, Sambuca admits to Amy she planted it, but it didn't make her feel better and they make up. Reynold soon becomes uncontrollably jealous of Matt's secure relationship with Sambuca. You know, you could-you could speak to your mum, you could make her listen! After they both made a break for it, she took Bolton to her favourite place alongside a river. When Denzil does a dangerous stunt walking across the top of a railway, Finn goes up to save him. However, it was too late as Sambuca had already visited her doctor to ask about the types of medication she'd received and what they do and was stunned by the news that she is dying. Ralph Mellor, Flick's dad, resigns as a school governor. Get the stories that matter to you sent straight to your inbox with our daily newsletter. Maxine sees Earl being hassled by a girl named Jade. Sam: Don’t you wanna know though Lauren, where you go?Lauren: I want you here, now! Earl asks furiously, to which Maxine sharply retorts, "Well done!" Maxine tells Earl she knows of his deceit and tries to end the relationship. Harry then goes to his mother saying he sent the texts and covers for Sam by saying he planted the phone. Tom pushes Earl off and Earl then makes a gun with his fingers and presses them against Tom's head. As the responsible adult of the family, Marley sets the example, but Earl doesn't exactly obey. Occupied with Grantly's troubles, Steph fails to notice her own as Maxine sneaks out constantly to be with Earl, or sneaks Earl in. Sam returned in episode 15 in which she appears to have forgiven Lauren, but not Amy. Her half-brothers Marley Kelly, Earl Kelly and Denzil Kelly were also pupils at Waterloo Road. Aww, what is it, boyfriend trouble? In Series 5, Sambuca and Lauren Andrews' fiery spirit is inflamed by the arrival of Amy Porter and Siobhan Mailey, the two of them hurling insults at one another, and was a part of the girl gang war between John Foster's and Waterloo Road students. For example, Finn endeavours to prevent Denzil from viewing pornography on Wayne's telephone. Born and raised in Waterloo, Kelly earned a BA from Queen’s University and a Diploma in Public Relations from Humber College. abour have won the Fortissat council by-election with Peter Kelly being elected. Earl and Reynold then storm over to Matt's after taking Sambuca's keys. History. However, Grantly Budgen turns up on Steph's doorstep after his marriage to Fleur Budgen takes a brief hit when Steph's lies get out of hand. The family consists of alcoholic mother, Rose Kelly (Elaine Symons), and her five children, who all enrol at Waterloo Road and bring many problems with them. However, Amy didn't trust Sam and gave her oregano, pretending it was the drugs and she and Lauren followed Sambuca to Miss Montoya's classroom where they see her handing the "drugs" over. Maxine lies to Steph that she's at Chlo's for the night. I wish that's all I had to worry about!Martin: What is your problem? What have you got to worry about? Tom, unlike others, is not frightened and tells Earl he'll ignore Earl's violent gesture because it's Earl's first day - but if it happens again, then the boy's out. He does so, unzipping his backpack and revealing his gun again, to which he momentarily closes his fingers around. All the Kellys are reasonably bright, but Rose's alcoholism and bad parenting has affected their education. Meanwhile, young Denzil is struggling is Jasmine's class, and it's discovered he can't read. https://bbc-waterloo-road.fandom.com/wiki/Sambuca_Kelly?oldid=17021. Tom catches wind of it, and they both notice Sam’s awful handwriting. Named after her mum’s favourite drink, Sambuca is essentially a good kid who often finds herself drawn into trouble by the tough Waterloo Road environment. Earl Kelly is the second son of Rose Kelly, the little brother of Marley Kelly and the older half-brother of Sambuca Kelly, Denzil Kelly and Prince Kelly. But it's actually Maxine which he's eyeing up, to which she notices, but fails to tell Janeece so. Sambuca hid a pair of shorts in Bolton's bag and the security guard was under the impression that Bolton had attempted to steal the shorts. She is the third of five children born to troubled Rose Kelly.Her half-brothers Marley Kelly, Earl Kelly and Denzil Kelly were also pupils at Waterloo Road. Sambuca endeavoured to be nice to Ruth, only to be treated rudely. Chlo is in bits, and Steph and Janeece receive counselling. Waterloo Road is a British television drama series set in a comprehensive school of the same name, broadcast on BBC One and later on BBC Three.The show is set in the English town of Rochdale from series one until the end of series seven, and the Scottish town of Greenock from the beginning of series eight until the end of the show in series ten. It is later proved that Marley's test was negative and Flick's positive, so the Kellys are apologised to and get to stay. Sambuca did not get the opportunity to work a full day at a local sports shop because she endeavoured to impress Bolton. Ruth behaved poorly towards Sambuca, which resulted in Sambuca punching her in the nose. When Bolton was still ignoring her, Sambuca asked Paul Langley to the prom to get him jealous; this worked and Bolton took her instead. Maxine hides her interest for him in the first part of Episode 1. However, when she confronted by Miss Montoya, Lauren told the truth afterwards and admitted the drugs were Amy's. She wasn't too keen to stay with Matt and soon made him the target of a practical joke. You're beautiful, Max, you can do better."  Under review. When she realises that Finn was only trying to help, Sambuca apologises to Finn, who accepts her apology. They are caught having sex in a toilet cubicle by Tom, and Steph bans them from seeing each other under her roof. Tom's ex-partner Izzie Redpath's daughter, Year 12 pupil Chlo - who Tom sees as his own - has set up a hairdressing business in a caravan on the school grounds called Chlo's Cuts. Tom, the Kellys' neighbour, stops the party with Marley's help. Marley eventually snaps at his mother to "go home and sober up". Office: 519-821-3600 | Fax: 519-821-3660; Office hours. Denzil gets away, but when Finn realizes that he can't get over, he falls and lands on his back. She was also under the care of Tom Clarkson, who was heart broken after her and her brothers death. Her grandmother later gives Tom Clarkson a photograph of Reynold and tells him to show it to Sambuca. For example, she steals a packet of 'Wind-Eze' from his medication cupboard and makes it known to the entire school. Earl Kelly is the second son of Rose Kelly, the little brother of Marley Kelly and the older half-brother of Sambuca Kelly, Denzil Kelly and Prince Kelly. Well, let them.Sambuca: They don't have a choice, Martin!Martin: You think I had any choice in this when I was born? He was disappointed that Flick was "having the odd spliff" and decided to get her boyfriend Marley, who he severely disapproved of, thrown out instead. During the remainder of the day, Sambuca, Lauren and Finn make the most of their excursion to the seaside resort by having lunch, going up the tower, enjoying the rides at Pleasure Beach and hanging out around the beach. Discuss. In spite of her diagnosis, Sambuca attends school, telling everyone that her severe headaches are attributed to migraines. Maxine is shocked at this, as she had a stillborn daughter called Charlotte in similar conditions, with Lewis Seddon equally as nasty and not likely to cough up the cash. Earl's rivalry with Tom intensifies, as he starts killing pigeons and leaving them on Tom's doorstep. Marley later spots Earl and calls him as Rose walks away, but Earl complete ignores them - his family is, to him, too much of an embarrassment. Sambuca is given a detention by Eleanor Chaudry for having difficulties in class and telling her to shut up. She is the third of five children born to troubled Rose Kelly. However, Finn realises the errors of his ways and turns up at Sambuca's house to apologize. When they arrive home, Sambuca collapses on the grass outside her home. Paul Langley and Bolton Smilie get on the wrong side of Earl when Paul purposefully knocks into Earl on the way to his first class with Steph. Lauren and Amy predicted the relationship of her and Finn with the book they were reading in Tom Clarkson’s class. Sambuca continues to be a harsh critic of Finn and remains suspicious of his motives. Became major of the 73rd in 1811. Family Units with Children by Type of Family and Age of Children, Local Electoral Areas, Census 2016, Theme 4.3, Ireland, 2016, CSO & OSi : Family Units with Children by Type of Family and Age of Children, Municipal Districts, Census 2016, Theme 4.3, Ireland, 2016, CSO & OSi: Family Units with Children by Type of Family and Age of Children, NUTS 3, Census 2016, Theme 4.3, Ireland, 2016, … Then he gets started with his work, much to his indignation and Steph's pleasure. A woman has had to turn to online crowdfunding after being refused surgery to reduce her size H breasts on the NHS. However, Denzil is banged up, and the Kellys are distraught. The standard was awful. Rose turns up during the school morning, bladdered. Janeece, who ran off to get help, returns and tries to stop Earl. BBC Waterloo Road Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. She tells her kids she's taking them home, despite it only being 11:00am. "Are you dumping me?" At the end of the school day as Kyle and his family made plans to become regulars at the school, the council arrived to violently move them on. Although Sambuca categorically denied that her father was ever violent towards her, it was felt that her safety necessitated her being fostered. In episode 20 when Finn gets Kyle Stack kicked off the cast for the pantomime, and he replaces him himself, Sambuca is disgusted with him, as she saw that the pantomime had actually meant a lot to Kyle even though he pretended that he couldn't care less about it. The playground pupils turn to watch Marley and Sambuca reasoning with their mum. It then becomes clear what Earl's message is - "Mess with me, and I'll blow your brains out." Chlo's husband, Donte Charles isn't happy. Sambuca's life become complicated once again when she was temporarily fostered by Matt when her violent father Reynold returned. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kelly has grown up in the automotive industry and is the third-generation of her family to be in the business. BBC Waterloo Road Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Finn then reveals he is Denzil's new mentor much to Sam's dismay. 2021's already been an absolute treat for '90s and '00s telly fans. Earl is caught by the police and sentenced to life imprisonment for Maxine's murder. Sambuca has dated Kyle Peters, Bolton Smilie and most notably Finn Sharkey. Although she managed to disrupt Matt Wilding's music class by complaining about the music, she showed remorse when she was forced to face the wall for the remainder of the lesson as punishment. Saddened, Sambuca stood and watched as the Travellers and Kyle left Waterloo Road for good. In the aftermath of Denzil's arrest, Sambuca tried to influence and inspire Rose to start going back into education by attending Waterloo Road's adult education classes. Bolton and Paul blame themselves as they knew Earl had a gun and say nothing. She stuck up for him and his family when he was the victim of bullying from teacher Grantly Budgen and pupils Bolton and Paul. He is immediately portrayed as a hard-as-nails badboy when he opens his bag of belongings to show he has a handheld gun, and later throws a taxi driver against his car. She is an actress and director, known for Life on Mars (2006), Payback Season (2012) and Merlin (2008). Maxine dies in the arms of those who loved and cared for her most - Steph and Janeece. Bylaws and enforcement. In episode four, Sambuca was surprised by a special meal from Rose, Tom, Finn, Amy, Lauren and the rest of the school. Earl arrived in the first episode of the fourth series of Waterloo Road, along with his rather dysfunctional family. When Earl turns up, Donte turns him away, and Janeece decides he's a 'little creep'. During a football match organized by Eddie Lawson, Kyle's feelings for Sam became evident when they shared a kiss. Sambuca: How do you know you're not a boy?Martin: I always knew, I think. I've got a brain tumour...Martin: Shouldn't you be in hospital?Sambuca: Yeah, that's where I'll be if I go back.Martin: It's where you'll end up if you don't. Earl responds by shoving Paul against one of the school lockers, and tells Bolton not to mess with him. Marley is placed in a youth hostel, Sambuca goes to stay with Matt Wilding, Denzil remains in the Institution, Prince is most likely in care or a foster home, and Earl has a foster placement too. However, Sambuca refuses to leave Matt's. They make up and he tells her he'll be with her until the end. Kellys Homevalue is an Irish family owned DIY store and Builder’s Providers located in the heart of Dublin city just a five minute walk from Croke Park. Rachel instantly gives Earl a verbal warning about violence, The Kellys are put into classes by Rachel. Later that evening, Sambuca dies in Rose & Tom's arms with Finn holding the ring that she gave him, thinking about her at her time of death. Disgusted with both of them, Sambuca decided to leave Waterloo Road for good, despite Deputy Head Christopher Mead trying to reason with her. Sambuca thinks that Finn is encouraging Denzil to view the images on Wayne's phone. (Last words before succumbing to her brain cancer and dying). Marley meets his new love interest, Flick Mellor, who is the Year 12 head girl. In spite of the fact that it seems as if Finn's intentions are sincere towards Denzil, she behaves harshly towards Finn. In Series 10 Episode 19, she was mentioned at the press conference with Sonya Donnegan and Rob Hutchinson. Policy & planning changes. A shocked Tom calls for Rose as Sambuca suffers from a violent seizure on the ground. Janeece proceeds to comment that Earl looks 'well fit', which Maxine scoffs at. One-to-one, Tom tries to reason with Earl, who then proceeds to throw Tom against a locker, too. Oh and from now on you'll have to call me Martina!Sambuca: You don't know how lucky you are, Martin! Marley - who is in the year above Earl with Maxine and Janeece - is fitting in well. Later, Tom goes to shout at the Kellys for discarded rubbish and people in his garden from the party the night before. Just as Janeece gets up and Steph arrives, Earl pulls the trigger and runs. In the first episode of Series 7, Sambuca and many other students at Waterloo Road, believe that Kyle Stack is the father of his girlfriend's baby. En tournois: Les données affichées pour les tournois multitables (MTT) et de sit’n go sont la date et l'heure, le format de jeu, la variante, la spécialité, la structure, le buy-in (prix d'entrée, rake inclus), le nom du tournoi, le nombre d’entrées connues, la place finale ainsi que les gains. Kelly Wenham, Actress: Life on Mars. Sambuca does Martin's makeup so that he will look more like a girl, and then the reveals she has a brain tumour, the first time she has openly spoken about it. Steph sharply puts him in his place and orders him to take out his pencil case. Much to her displeasure, Sambuca is excluded for two weeks by new head Karen Fisher. Have your say on a review of environmental factors for the cycleways on Moore Park Road, ... Help shape future open spaces in the Danks Street south precinct, Waterloo  We are developing a concept plan for new open spaces in this area. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She returned simply to make sure Denzil doesn't get into trouble but her and Finn Sharkey soon start arguing. Noise complaints and exemptions, pets, animals and full municipal code. When Tom Clarkson supported Sam, she returned to Waterloo Road. Viewers soon learn that although Sam might come across as abrasive, she is a highly compassionate individual. Tom frantically searched the Internet for other possible treatments, but Rose insists that there is nothing that they can do and they have to find a way to break the news to Sambuca. Sambuca was named after her mother’s favourite alcohol. "Be here when I wake up, please." Her fragile emotional state allows her to be the only Waterloo Road student who makes an effort to speak kindly to Martin, a recent arrival at the school, who reveals the fact that he has transgender issues and that he hates himself. Towards the close of the battle of Waterloo a sergeant of his regt. She also feels surprised because she and Earl had been planning to rent their own place and start a family together. Karen Fisher was disgusted that Lauren and Amy had attempted to blame Sambuca and punished them both by making them write an apology letter to Sam and her mother, Rose Kelly. Monday to Friday 9am - 8pm Saturday 9am - 4pm Sunday CLOSED; 824 Gordon St, Guelph, N1G 1Y7 KITCHENER -- Pharmacies in Waterloo Region are now booking appointments to administer COVID-19 vaccines. Lauren ran after Sam as she was leaving and told her she was sorry and she had told the truth in the end. Later in the day, Tom Clarkson lectures Sambuca. Rose later gets a job at the school after being offered it by Rachel. She also has a baby brother, Prince Kelly, who is not featured very much during the series. Lauren also tries to make friends with Sambuca again, but Sambuca tells her she can't see how they can be friends anymore because she is leaving Waterloo Road. He throws her against the wall. When Lauren, Amy & Finn make fun of Kyle being a dad behind his back, she defends, saying that for once, he'd gone to do the right thing. They drifted apart when Amy framed Sambuca with drugs. During Drugs Awareness Day, run by Flick's dad, Marley is set up with a positive drugs test. I can't carry on like this. Earl arrived in the first episode of the fourth series of Waterloo Road, along with his rather dysfunctional family. Sam attempted to help new student Ruth Kirby, who had been home schooled by her father and had problems fitting into Waterloo Road. In 4x13, Sambuca became close to Kyle Peters, a Traveller who (along with his family) set up base on the school grounds. Over the course of the time that Sam spends at Waterloo Road, she often finds herself in trouble as a consequence of her endeavours to provide assistance to her friends. On Sambuca's first day at Waterloo Road, she is portrayed as hostile, disruptive and angry at the world. Later on, Bolton shoves Paul and he accidentally lands on Earl. They engaged in activities, such as throwing rocks at an old wrecked boat and sharing Bolton's lunch. Dawson Kelly joined the 47th Regt. When Sambuca is told that she can return to living with her mother, she doesn't seem that happy. Kelly Wenham was born on November 28, 1983 in Stockport, Cheshire, England. In truth, the negative test for Marley had been swapped with Flick's positive one by her father. Sambuca took revenge on Amy which sent them hating each other, but they became mutual again before Sam’s death. For example, she wanted to help Harry, who was troubled by his suspicions that his father was having an affair. Finn later breaks up with Sambuca after finding it very difficult to cope with the pressure that has been put on him after finding out of her terminal illness. Headteacher Rachel Mason and deputy head Eddie Lawson step in, by removing the taxi driver from the premises and threatening Earl into behaving. (First audible line). In Episode 2, the Kellys throw a house party. As she leaves, the camera pans down to below Maxine's bed, where Earl is hiding with a sinister smile on his face. She was described by the interviewers as brave and inspiring. La fourniture d'articles nécessite dorénavant un code … The cause of Sambuca's headaches are later diagnosed as brain cancer. Sambuca used to be enemies with Amy Porter, however they became good friends. You have a future!Martin: I don't want a future. He sees Earl and Maxine sit up from a sofa in their garden, after clearly having sex there previously. Because some people actually want to live.Martin: Yeah? They were crowned Prom King and Queen. Tom Clarkson then intervenes, sending Paul and Bolton off. Earl makes a bad impression on Steph - Maxine's foster carer - when he falls asleep in the French class. Back at her mum's house, Sambuca tells Tom that he is more of a father to her than her real father could ever be. She was able to reveal to Finn that she was dying by using her film project. Tous vos résultats en 1 clic. Matt later sees a softer side to Sam and realises that maybe the Kellys aren't all as hard as they seem. He is first introduced with his whole family - alcoholic mother Rose Kelly, slightly older and responsible brother Marley Kelly, fourteen-year-old only sister Sambuca Kelly, eleven-year-old softy brother Denzil Kelly and baby brother Prince Kelly. She later confronts them both - Earl insists its nothing and that he loves Maxine, but Jade says otherwise. Reynold is later arrested after Rose calls the police, and Matt safely gets to keep fostering Sambuca. Their relationship blossoms over the next few episodes. Sam is used to fighting her own corner and as a result springs to the defensive a little too readily. The two of share a kiss. And I can't hide any more. Matt later sympathised with her. You’re my best friend and you always will be, no matter where we are! However, Sambuca and Matt,soon become close and Sam views him a father-figure in her chaotic life. When Sambuca asks him what he is going to do about it, she reminds him that both her dad and Kyle's dad were not proper father-figures as both were not a consistent present in the lives of either child; this encourages him to go and find his girlfriend, Ali. Gonna lend us fifteen grand to surgically remove me penis? Sambuca is very approving of this decision. Each of them performed a duet dance routine at a talent show, dancing to "Lady Marmalade". They end up sleeping together, to which Rose knows and approves of. Earl's relationship with Maxine continues to be destructive. Her half brother, Denzil Kelly died some months after her. Maxine and Janeece also watch the spectacle. Harry Fisher shows Sam emails he has been sending to staff on his mother's phone but when Karen works it out, Sambuca plants the phone in Amy's bag at an attempt at payback. !Sambuca: You could have the change, you know? In episode 15, Sambuca's romantic interest in Bolton Smilie became evident. Earl was originally supposed to make a guest appearance in Series 7, in Sambuca's final episode. The family's wayward nature was attributed to the abusive and manipulative actions of Sambuca's father, Reynold. Sambuca "Sam" Kelly (1995-2011) commenced her time at Waterloo Road at the age of fourteen. During the series, it is obvious that Sam is motivated by a strong desire to help other people. They trash the flat and take Sambuca. Most prominently, in Episode 7, Steph visits Maxine in her bedroom and warns her, "not to waste away on some little waster like Earl Kelly. Police later swarm the grounds, and Earl persuades his younger brother Denzil to take the gun - lying that Denzil, aged eleven, will get a lighter sentence in a Young Offender's Institution than a sixteen-year-old Year 11 would. At Den Herder Vet, what's important to you is important to us. Bylaws at home, life events, curbside collection and Kitchener Fire Department. Her mother Rose Kelly was furious. Knowing that this would be their final meeting, Kyle gave Sambuca his ring as a token of his friendship. Finn tries to apologize, but Sambuca ignores him. Moments later, Sambuca and Bolton shared a romantic kiss. Matt also made it known to Rose that he will be there if she ever needs assistance. However, at Steph's house, Earl and Maxine have a showdown. But he bitterly reports Rose to Social Services. It just took me sixteen years of hell to finally admit it. She's a canteen assistant for Bolton's mother, Candice Smilie. She then threw a glass full of smoothie over him. At this point in the series, the students of Waterloo Road gained work experience placements within various companies around Rochdale. Sambuca ends up with Matt Wilding, Denzil with Jasmine Koreshi, Marley with Tom Clarkson and Earl with Steph Haydock. Tom eventually finds them and Sambuca realises this is where she wants to spend her last hours. Although serving on the staff, Kelly immediately returned to take over the command. Finn proves this commitment by accompanying Sambuca (along with Lauren) when she travels to Blackpool to try to say goodbye to her real dad before she passes away. as ens. Sam proves herself to be an exceptionally loyal individual with a gigantic heart, as is proven when she provides assistance to one of her classmates, Harry. Your mum doesn't understand you?Sambuca: I've got cancer! She says she has had Earl's baby and he's not paying up. It's not like anyone'd miss me.Sambuca: What, so you're gonna top yourself?Martin: Why not?Sambuca: 'Cause that's a cop-out! Rose then decided to shop him to the police because he had stolen Matt's LCD television. She was also mentioned in the final scene of Waterloo Road with Max Tyler’s iconic line “You’re vermin.”, "The state of him, he's absolutely minging!" Earl pulls a gun and aims at Maxine. We also offer a delivery service and Dulux paint mixing service. Road closures, traffic calming, bike lanes and downtown bike repair stations. This instigates the feud between Tom and his new neighbours, the Kellys. As well as this, Finn and Sam become close and Finn revealed to Sam that he wanted to start a family, but Sam wanted to wait until she was at least 26 and married first. She grew up around the country after her troubled mother uprooted the family, which she started in east London, on several occasions. In episode three, it was revealed that Sambuca's cancer was incurable. She gets off to a rocky start by getting drunk and interrupting Marley's head boy speech, although he still wins the title. Amy persuaded Lauren to plant the actual drugs on Sam which resulted in her nearly getting excluded. She desperately tries to persuade Tom that she wasn’t messing around; she could not see properly, could not concentrate, was suffering from agonising migraines and felt dizzy and nauseous. Waterloo Brewing says it will slash prices on the beer it sells to Ontario pubs and restaurants in an effort to help them battle through the damaging COVID-19 pandemic. Sambuca "Sam" Kelly (1995-2011) commenced her time at Waterloo Road at the age of fourteen. Reynold shows up after a call from Earl, and demands that Sambuca leaves Matt's flat to live with Reynold in Rose's house. He is rushed to the hospital, where Kyle says he is sorry and they unite, as do him and Sambuca. Not like this.Sambuca: You're a coward! Hormones and all that.Martin: Yeah...(Sarcastic) Hi Mum. It, at first, appears that Earl is interested in Janeece. Originally there was to be a scene where Sambuca says her final goodbye's to Earl however the scene was unable to be filmed, as at the time of the episode production, Earl's actor Reece Noi was unavailable due to being in Croatia with the Game of Thrones filming production. At sixteen years old, Earl has grown up in an unsettling background, never living in one place for more than five minutes. Kelly was good enough to twice win the Irish junior road championship, and in his first season as a senior in 1975, he was picked for the national amateur team.

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