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When you have solved the puzzle, the large door will open, so run up the stairs and step through the opened door and ....... ... Tove ends up on a large outdoor platform. Exit Trollhilde's cave and get back to the Tree of Many. Röki. So go down Wolf Mountain and then down to the Waytree at the wolf This profile page belongs to a user, but it does not prove anyone's identity or credibility. Go down at the bridge. Look at the calendar (5) .... you can see on the calendar that Stove's birthday is on the 17th day of the month, but the calendar does not tell you which month it is. things. This disc keeps that horse's head in place outside. 1 of Mamma Kroke's boys is in the pond and Tove already knows that this krokeling does not want to go back to his mommy. Tove can pick up 1 of the bones. Tove says she needs the Wolf Staff but cannot cross the ravine. Go back to the Mother Tree via the Tree of Many and in the Mother Tree you step through portal F to return to the Nokken Pond. Return to Trollhulde's cave and continue to the table. Wolves Gorge. box and that was 05, which is the 5th month. Take that Rope. Upon arriving they are attacked by a pack of blood-thirsty dogs and are forced to take cover in a nearby mansion. Browse top posts starting with the letter ‘R’ - Page 76. So walk between the hands and then look at the medallion. This banner text can have markup.. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation Climb further up to the Wolf. On F you saw the last 2 digits of the code on Daddy's fish Pages in category "OS X" The following 9,600 pages are in this category, out of 11,986 total. Now first go to the left and then continue until you reach the second altar, which is completely overgrown by spider webs. McNum that 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel game sounds rad. You have  earned another Badge. The 2 wolves standing on the columns on this side are facing away from each other. 2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot. Tove does not take anything from the fish box, but you can see part of the combination lock of the box. You sail Tove across the water with your AWSD keys or with your arrow keys. Take that straw (3), Ghost cat Stoker wears a collar. The tree says that Tove must tell the Nokken its real NAME. Click with your eye on Daddy and listen to what Tove says to understand why we ended up here. Dive back into the Snow Hut and go down the ladder again. Go back outside and then walk to the water lily that floats in the front of the pond. on the left, but the Wolf staff on the right is missing. Go back through gate F to the Poisonous Forest. We will ask her later. Mamma Kroke emerges from the water so, one by one, give the 3 youngsters back to their mother, As a punishment Mammie eats her 3 youngsters and as a thank you to Tove, she can now cut some beard hairs from Mamma Kroke and you do that with the Dagger, So drag the Dagger to Mamma's Beard and ....... Tove will cut some beard hairs out of the beard. The 2 wolves standing on the pillars on the other side are facing each other. There will be a short conversation. . Back up and then down the ladder. The 4 wolf images are each in a slot. There is a Teddy Bear on the bench. Kronk feels lonely and wants to go back home to his mommy, but he doesn't know So Trollhilde has that missing staff. First look at everything with your eye. Maria is trapped in the turmoil and desperately searches for … Spirit Tove is now on the veranda. If you now click the left arrow, Tove will get off the raft again and that is not the intention. Around the middle circle are 3 turning wheels, A, B and C. With those turning wheels A, B, C you can turn the rings in the middle circle. The large door on the other side of the cave will not open. When the game is zoomed in on Lars and you get the hand cursor you have to click a few times until Lars has opened Röki's hand completely. So you must stand on the right spot at a wolf to get the up or down arrow. Dad's comb is in his breast pocket. Take the stone. I have plaved the 2 wolves A and B  on the right spot first, which are on the left, as you can see on this screenshot ... Then I  have pushed the wolves C and D, which are on the right, to their right places, as you can see in this screenshot. Fossegrim demands a sacrifice and a musical instrument for his help to Tove. Tove then sees that there is a Ram Skull in the nest and she needs that skull. Talk to the Krokeling but he absolutely doesn't want to go back to Mommy. Röki is an adventure game inspired by Scandinavian folklore - a dark, contemporary fairy tale underpinned by a touching narrative, an alluring art style, ancient puzzles and atmospheric exploration. Tove now has all 3 offspring of mommy Kroke so now go back to the pond under the watermill. Take the Lobster trap, On the last box is a model ship. Dip the last "Thirsty Stone" in the pool here. The tradeable collection of alphabetsoup with 1867 games. Tove has to dip the 3 stones each in a pond and 1 of those ponds used to be large but is now small. Ram the turn wheel out of the way with the mallet, Walk outside and then to the right and see ... the horse's head is now on the ground. We will come back here later to solve this puzzle when we have found the 2 missing tiles. Röki is an adventure game inspired by Scandinavian folklore - a dark contemporary fairy tale underpinned by a touching narrative, an alluring art style, ancient puzzles and atmospheric exploration. To celebrate the indie spirit, Steam will be hosting an online event titled Digital Dragons Indie Celebration, where 50 independent titles are set to be showcased.. As a player you now have a lot of freedom to do There is a stone tile in the 2nd and 4th hole. Their exploits became the stuff of legend and coroners' reports — because the danger in partying is the temptation to party too hard. Mom is taking pictures of ghost Tove and the table is set for Tove's birthday party. The ground has been turned over in front of the right stone, as if something is buried there. Now go to the right and .... against the altar leans a stone Disc with a drawing on it. Look at the left staff and also look at the place where the right staff should be. Look at the photo and listen to Tove and ...... .... Tove ends up in the picture to relive the camping trip again, Walk behind Mom and Dad to the tent. Tove can pick up 1 of the bones. Ignes Jolhaffsson Markesson and this name is marked in red in that book. So walk to the right and exit the cave and follow the tunnel up to the end. While Rörka is resting, you need to help Lars pull an ice splinter out of Rörka's hand. The 2 wolves in the front are bigger than the 2 wolves in the back. In the middle of the plateau is a circle consisting of 3 rings. Tove doesn't want to drink tea ... she wants to get out of here. There is a parasite under the wolf's left eye. Then the big door will then open. So we will call this gap the Look at the photo on B and listen to Tove again and ..... .... Tove ends up in the picture. You slide a wolf towards the back wall via the up arrow and off the back wall via the down arrow. Take the boots. You can turn both Wolf Staffs. ABBA's Helicopter - your entire list feels like a treasure trove, thanks for sharing! Take the Wolf Staff. Now go to the Photo where Tove is holding the cat Stoker. Exit the cemetery through the entrance gate and then follow the path, through the stone bridge, back to the. Tove already has Mommy's white ring but she does not have a red bracelet. Talk to Trollhulde a few times now. FREE! Back down, get back on the raft and sail to shore E. Go ashore and get Mama's white bracelet that's here. Tove has yet to find the missing 2 tiles so she cannot solve this puzzle yet, You can now take the 2 tiles out of their hole to store them in Tove's backpack, but you can also leave them here. My walkthrough tells you how I did it but this is not the only way you can do it all. Behind the clock you see a Bear statue. On the right you can then pick up another Loot Item This pond is poisoned and is therefore one of the ponds that Fossegrim has told about. Check out the pool of water under the bridge. here are bones on the ground. You now have to click the hand a few times to move Tove back and forth with the chair. The top drawer is empty, but now you can slide open the bottom drawer. For a wide assortment of Thirstystone visit Target.com today. canyon. Take the Valerian Flower. The Mutable mode is the most emphasized one in your natal chart, Daphné Bürki, which indicates a mobile character that is curious and thirsty for new experiences and evolution. Well Then take the green powder from the bowl, The powder must be boiled in hot water. There's a reason why rock stars are synonymous with excess in everything — a lot of rock idols really lived that life. Travel back to the Mother Tree via the Waytree, In the Mother Tree you go through portal B again to end up on the cemetery, Walk to the church and enter again and then walk back through the church hall and then climb up the ladder to the church bell. You earn another Badge. Click the burning torch in the tunnel and ..... Tove has a light. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Continue to the cave and enter again and walk to the water pool. You can do things in a different order if you want, Chapter 5: The Deep Forrest: Part 4: The Wolf Staff and Wolf Vision. On A an Eyeliner Pencil sticks into the ground. Keep talking to Trollhulde until Tove asks her about the missing Wolf Staff ......... ..... Trollhulde then tells that she threw the Wolf's staff into the pond on the other side of the ravine because the thing did not meet her expectations. With the left staff Tove can turn the left wolf, but because the right staff is missing she cannot turn the right wolf now. She will also have to go back and forth between the different areas here in the Deep Forest. Walk inside and then first pick up the 3rd stone disc, which is here in the corner. Trollhilde says that she gave the Wolf Staff  to her sister Trollhulde. Get off the raft and give the white bracelet to the Hand. Dip the last "Thirsty Stone" in the pool here. You have to align the wolf statues A calendar is stuck on the refrigerator. I did not have to stand back on the Eye tile for this, Once you have solved the wolf puzzle, run through the now opened door and then continue until Tove is on the circle platform. Walk to the Ice Hands and cross over them again to the other side and then to the left until Tove has ended up in the cave of Fossegrim again. You can do this on foot or via the Mother Tree. Check out the black Ash spots. Drugs.com provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. Walk into Trollhilde's cave and go talk to her and ask Trollhilde about that missing Wolf Staff. After a few clicks, Tove has freed herself and is standing upright next to the chair. You can of course do this all the way on foot or via the Tree of Many and the Mother Tree. ... We then leave Trollhulde's cave and end up at the ravine and Trollhulde then pushes that weak tree trunk over the ravine. Click with the enchanted flute on the water pool and ..... ... Tove whistles a tune on the whistle and the water in the pool disappears, so jump down. The jealous brother who wants to usurp the throne and the two-dimensional evil wizard are just too unoriginal and boring, their dialogue predictable and commonplace. The circle has a line drawing but the drawing is messed up and Tove has to fix the drawing to open the next big door. You can buy Röki on Steam but also on  gog.com     I have version 1.07 and have had no problems with the game, NB: Tove has a lot to do and she has to do it in various areas. 1 is trapped in the cave of Trollhulde, the 2nd is hiding in the barrel in the snow hut and the 3rd is hiding in the pond in the "Poisonous Forest". The 3 "Thirsty Stones" are now all 3 saturated with water. Leave Fossegrim, cross back over the ice hands and through the Waytree you will return to the Mother Tree. The center circle has several concentric rings (and a central disk), which must be aligned so that they form one of the constellations on the pillars around you. The tunnel descends and ends at a lower plateau with a bird's nest. There is a cave there, Enter the cave and continue to the right. The bridge is now being rolled out. Then walk to the left because you can pick up a Loot Item immediately behind the pillar. You will find 1 of those 2 tiles here in the basement, but the 4th tile you will only find in the hollow of the Nokken. Nokken, The Tree of Many tells Tove all about the Nokken. Follow young Tove on her journey through an ancient wilderness to unravel cryptic riddles and save her family. Leave this cave and make sure you end up back in the cave of Trollhilde. Take the Ring Biscuit (1). Descend back down the ladder and then walk to the 2 huge ice hands. to the baxk side of A, along the huge hand, but if you try to do that, it will not work because the hand will try to grab Tove. Exit the cemetery through the entrance gate and then follow the path to the left, to the stone bridge. You can buy Röki on Steam but also on  gog.com     I have version 1.07 and have had no problems with the game, NB: Tove has a lot to do and she has to do it in various areas. Take the Teddy Bear. Fossegrim also gives Tove Climb back down both ladders and then jump down the hole in the floor to the basement of the church. In the back of the rowboat is Dad's fishing box. Take a closer look at the bear wall in close-up. Watch the wolf and then try to pull that parasite out of the wolf. Then check out B. Tove cannot cross from A to B because there is no bridge. The chest of drawers has 2 drawers. At the end of the tunnel you click the hand and ....... Tove ends up back in the cave of Trollhilde. . After Tove has dealt with the Nokken, she is back in the Mother Tree. When you have taken  the items 1, 2, 3, 4 and you have looked at the calendar (5) then you click on mom's photo camera (6) and ....... ...... Tove ends up on bank B in the well again. User #8102 12182 posts. Then go to the left staff and turn the left staff until the left wolf looks to the right. This will take some "Trail and Error" as you push the wolves back and forth, but it's a fairly simple puzzle. Shop Target for Thirstystone. It is Tove's birthday and mum has baked a princess cake. with there shadows so that when you stand on the eye tile, the light wolf statues completely obscure the dark wolves on the back wall. On B you first pick up the red jar of nail polish. The turn wheel still hangs to the left of the entrance. Walk to the right and ....... We have found the Waytree of this area. Take the straw from the cup. The code is the date of Tove's birthday. Immediately climb up the ladder to the Wolf Staff. My walkthrough tells you how I did it but this is not the only way you can do it all. Walk down the tunnel and take the Ram Skull from the bird's nest below. Check out the Eyeliner and then take the thing. There is a 2nd stone Disc buried here. But the difficulty is that the 2 inner rings, 2 and 3, rotate together through wheel B, but ring 2 also rotates with wheel A. Lars then sees the ice splinter in Röki's hand and you get the gripping hand, so click and ....... ..... Lars pulls the ice splinter from Röki's hand and he is happy with it. In Norse mythology, a jötunn or, in the normalised scholarly spelling of Old Norse, jǫtunn (/ ˈ j ɔː t ʊ n /; plural jötnar/jǫtnar) is a type of entity contrasted with gods and other figures, such as dwarfs and elves.The entities are themselves ambiguously defined, variously referred to by several other terms, including risi, thurs and troll. Take the blue shirt (sail from the boat), In inventory, combine the blue shirt with the doll, the yellow boots with the doll and then the red bowl with the doll. .... Papa is not real, Papa is a ghost. If you look at that bird's nest you'll see that it contains a Ram Skull, Stay away from those 2 huge ice hands for a while and now first climb up that ladder, At the top, move Tove to the cave tunnel. turn the right staff as many times as necessary to turn the right wolf to the left, so that the right wolf faces to the left. Then climb further up to the beam where the church bell hangs. Fire Emblem Heroes welcomes summer heroes from Sacred Stones and more While there was a silhouetted tease of upcoming Fire Emblem Heroes summertime special characters, it looks like Nintendo got a little impatient and shared the full lineup of swimsuited vacationers early. The wishlist collection of lBlackl with 4963 games. GAMEBOOMERS provides PC adventure games news, adventure games forums, game walkthroughs, reviews, Free games, game patches and Independent games news. How to get out of here ???. Triton Survival - Alpha 4 UPDATE Triton Survival –published on your website previously– has released its last major update Alpha 4. You also have to look at the calendar 5 on the refrigerator. On B you saw on the calendar that Tove's birthday is on the 17th day, but from which month. You can do this again on foot, via the Mill and Gate B, or you can do this via the Waytree and the Mother Tree. Courier and freeman. In 2 attempts Tove manages to wake up the Wolf with the horn. Still 2 stones to go but for this Tove has to find 2 other ponds. Water also helps you make more urine to flush out germs. Continue to the "ladder". Troll Tribute will now help Tove cross the ravine. This is a Sopor Lilly and it is the 3rd flower that Tove needs for Trollhilde's sleep tea drink. (Potsdam, N.Y.) 1861-1989, November 05, 1862, Page 1, Image 1, brought to you by Northern NY Library Network, and the National Digital Newspaper Program. There is no set order in which to do things. Around the platform also 4 rock pillars  1, 2, 3, 4. The Nokken has put Tove back on a box and it wants to drink a cup of tea with Tove. At the arrow you can see that the last 2 digits of the code is 05, Stand between mom and dad. Then give the white ring to the left hand and the red bracelet to the right hand. Walk to ghost Tove and watch her and listen to Tove again, We automatically return to the well on E. Get on the raft and now sail back to A. the way back. Both hands are satisfied and Tove can now continue. In inventory, combine the red nail polish with the white bracelet to paint the bracelet red. The Nokken disappears but now the pond is frozen solid. Mom's necklace will be on E and you'll find Mom's ring on F. There are also huge stone hands on A, D and F. Tove is on A and a hairbrush floats in the water that serves as a raft with which you have to sail Tove to C, D, E and F. But to sail the raft Tove needs a paddle. Barter.vg helps to organize game collections and manage trades. If you look at the 2 wolves on the 2 pillars on the other side, you see that those 2 wolves are looking at each other. When Tove has discussed everything with Fossegrim, you can pick up another Loot Item on the right side, NB: Check in inventory if you now have those 3 "Thirsty Stones". It's Tove's mom's favorite nail polish and Tove will need it later. Tove must first have a burning torch before she dares to enter this tunnel. Data sources include IBM Watson Micromedex (updated 3 Mar 2021), Cerner Multum™ (updated 1 Mar 2021), … The real name of the Nokken is thus She will also have to go back and forth between the different areas here in the Deep Forest. The Nokken has decorated its den very nicely as a living room, with tables, chairs, benches and cupboards. Guild Wars: Eye of the North; BOULE & BILL: Holiday time! This is the heroes journey where you play a protagonist who must take on daring deeds to reclaim a precious item, get to the top of the mountain or go there and back again and survive the ordeal. One of the few good things about last year was the … If all went well thenTove has automatically taken the enchanted flute, but check this in the inventory. Explore the complete coverage of Christmas at lowaboots.com to get the ⭐️best bang for your buck during this holiday season. The Red Colony was supposed to save the human race, not end it. Behind daddy is his fish box containing his fishing equipment. If Tove brings back Mamma's 3 children, Mamma will not only save her life but Tove will also get some beard hair from Mamma Kroke.Tove now knows where to find those 3 young Put, one by one, the 3 flowers in the bowl and .... .... Tove pounds the flowers into a powder in the bowl. posted 2004-Apr-19, 1:36 am AEST ref: whrl.pl/RnAkO. Continue to the well. Beer Pimp! Through the Mother Tree you then go back to the Nokken pond. Tove's birthday is April 17, so the code is 1705. Reddit has hundreds of thousands of interest-based communities. Tove is on island A and she has to go to banks B, C, D, E and F. You see a large picture of Tove on B and C and also on F is such a Tove Picture. A friend of mine went to the Melbourne "7 Stones" and said it was great - pricey but great. Then click on B with the bundle of straws and ..... ... Tove then has a bridge over which she can now walk from A to B, so do that. Dive back into Trollhulde's cave. Continue to the poisoned pond. For the 4 wolf statues there is a round Eye tile in the floor. back to the Wolf Gorge. The indie industry has come a long way, with some even sharing the stage alongside heavy-hitting AAA titles. So grab the tasty Ham now. A raven comes to inform Rörka of Tove's encounter with the Nokken and then Rörka starts the ritual again and we switch back to Tove. Now go back to the bridge at the Watermill. On the screenshot I have numbered those items as 1, 2, 3, 4. When this conversation with the previously not visible Fossegrim is over, you walk to the round pond and ......... Fossegrim now appears and the conversation continues. Daddy is also at the well. Barter.vg helps to organize game collections and manage trades. Get back on the raft and now sail to bank F and get off the raft again. Trollhulde knows that Krunk has disappeared, but she is actually quite happy that she got rid of that croquette and that she looked back the horse's head for it. It is Kronk, Krunk's brother and one of Mammie Kroke's descendants. It was a day when Papa and Tove were fishing. have found the 4th tile. Chapter 6: The Deep Forest: Part 5: The Bear and the Spider. The floating hairbrush is the raft with which Tove can sail across the water to B, C, D, E and F. So click with the Eyeliner on the hairbrush and ...... .... Tove gets on the raft and you get the left arrow. ... Give Fossegrim successively the Ham, the 3 full thirsty Stones and finally the Flute of Trollhilde and ..... Fossegrim enchants the Flute and with the flute Tove can now "command" the water ..... you also earn a Badge. Do that and Tove takes a small red bowl from the bottom drawer, In the crate, to the left of the chest of drawers, is a Lobster Trap. Take the comb. To catch this Krokeling Tove needs a Lobster Trap but she doesn't have one yet. Take the doll, Continue to the cupboard. Give Fossegrim successively the Ham, the 3 full thirsty Stones and finally the Flute of Trollhilde and ..... Fossegrim enchants the Flute and with the flute Tove can now "command" the water ..... you also earn a Badge. Tove has already seen here that people are in the habit of throwing coins in the water and she now has coins in her backpack. Now take the flute from Trollhilde's right hand, Go, on foot or through the Mother Tree. To the left of the cupboard is the 4th stone that Tove needs for the puzzle in the basement of the church. Go to the Waytree, in the far left corner, dive through the Waytree back to the Mother Tree and via the Mother Tree to the cemetery. You are then at. Remember what Fossegrim said about the 3 "Thirsty Stones" he gave to Tove? Röki - Holistic Storytelling. This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Power Stone 2; Arcana Heart 3: Love Max Six Stars!!!!! Oh ..... Tove should not have done that because the Nokken appears and drags Tove into the pond and ..... Rörka is performing the ritual to turn her son Röki into a human child at the expense of Lars, but the ritual takes too much of her strength, so she takes a break. Climb back down and continue to the left and then climb up stones again via the next ladder and ....... .... Pheeeew ..... that was just in time .... Continue to the left, go through the opening, follow the tunnel, click on the stone and ........ ... Tove is then back in the cave of Trollhilde and she now ensures that the "back door" of the Nokken cave does not close anymore. However, the 2 wolves on Tove's side of the canyon don't look at each other. The left wolf looks to the left and the right wolf looks at you. Take the stone, it has 6 dots. Best Adventure Games Adventure video games invite you to attempt dangerous or mountainous experiences. The sail of the boat is a blue shirt. Click on the fish box. You can do things in a different order if you want, Tove has "freed" Gate B from the stems so walk through gate B, Tove is then at the bottom of a long stairway that goes up into the mountains. The constellation that you have to recreate on the middle circle is the drawing on the right back pillar, witch is pillar 3. Never Pay Full Price! Open the cupboard and then take the Loot Item. Tove must enter the numerical code on the code lock of the fish box. On the side is a stone Hand that Tove cannot pass. We are in the Nokken cave, deep under the pond and Tove is tied to a chair. Talk to the Tree of Many and ask the tree how to get rid of those You can then use wheel A to turn the larger 'dark' ring 2 until it lines up with the outer Downstairs you click again with the flute on the "water curtain" and ..... ...... the water is withdrawing again so walk on and ..... Tove is back in the cave of the Nokken. Fossegrim says that a Troll has offered that staff to him. ring. Tove now has 3 straws. Text and Screenshots by Louis Koot. The hand is busy with the bracelet so now walk to the back of the hand. you might as well walk the entire route. Walk to the well, listen to Tove and then click with your eye on the well and listen to Tove again and ..... ...... the vision is over and we are back with the white Wolf Jötunulfur. So 1 pond to be found. So now go all the way back to the cave of Trollhulde. As a player you now have a lot of freedom to do Walk around the pond to the right behind the pond. Hmmmmmm ..... isn't there a big gray Yule Cat that would like to have his black fur back? Stay at the right Staff and now  It's like the Nokken wants to be a human. There are 4 wolves howling in the cave. So take the 3 "Thirsty Stones" from Tove's backpack and dip them here in the pool of water and ..... ..... 1 of the 3 stones absorbs itself with water. Look at the Eye tile with your eye and also view the wolf statues with your eye. The wolf does not wake up and Tove suspects this is one of the Nattamare Parasite that she needs for the invisibility mask. (previous page) () On the left, however, a beautiful white Valerian Flower grows and Tove needs that flower to brew the sleep tea drink for Trollhilde. Click on the camera with your hand to return to the well. Under the bear you see a half moon and between the half moon and the bear you see 4 holes. From cheese boards, to spoon rests, to serving pieces and beyond. At the other side of the ravine, move Tove further to the right and .... We arrive at a large pond and here we also find the last Waytree. Take the stone disc .... this disk also has a drawing. So you have to be able to predict a bit how each ring will end up if you turn them via A, B, C. This is quite complicated so I solved it via "Trail and Error". On this side there are 2 columns with a wolf on top and also on the other side are 2 columns with a wolf on it. Take Stoker's Collar (4). Tove dug up those coins by the sign in the porch of the "Poisonous Forest. Thirstystone is known for absorbent sandstone coasters, but now the Thirstystone name means so much more. DarthOrange made me wishlist ITTA, and Arrest of a Stone Buddha. Walk over the ice hands to the other side and then climb further up to the left and ....... ... Tove then ends up in the cave of Fossegrim, the Water Spirit, Look at 1 of the spheres that hang here and there and ...... You will hear Fossegrim but you do not see him yet, Fossegrim tells about the water and how you can control / command the water. On D hangs the pendant of Tove's mother and you have to get it. Back in the "Poisonous Forest" you walk to the pond. See more ideas about john bauer, bauer, fairytale art. So take a look at the 4 columns, the center circle and the wheels A, B, C ...... listen carefully to Tove ..... Start by turning C until in the outer ring the until the "arm" of the constellation is pointing down and placed on the left. So now give the horse's head to Krunk and ...... ........ Krunk now also disappear in Tove's backpack. Tove is at the well in front of her parental home. The wolf has given Tove permission to pull that Nattamare Parasite out of its head so do this now and ........ As you may have understood from the conversation between Jötunulfur and Tove, Nattamare Parasite are dangerous things that make their prey hallucinate, and Tove has now entered a hallucination of her own past. Drag the glass jar to the ash spots and then click to scoop the ashes into the jar, So Tove still doesn't have that Wolf Staff because she couldn't reach it in the Nokken cave. Tove then ends up at her parental home again. This profile page belongs to a user, … Drag the Teddy Bear immediately from inventory to the water and then click and ........ ...... Tove throws the teddy into the water and the Nokken chases it and because of this the Nokken no longer pays attention to Tove ...... Now run to the left and continue, also through the water until Tove is on the left at the rocking chair, There is a doll on the rocking chair.

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