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At first, Meredith was upset as Derek promised her that she could kickstart her career but eventually grew not to mind. Meredith subsequently confronted him, in a fit of anger, telling him that she probably will get fired and that she wanted him out of the house by the end of the day. 369 Ellis was conceived before Derek's death. While waiting for the CT, her lawyer reminded her she needed to be in court but the scans revealed Zola's shunt needed to be revised. Er verwirft seine Pläne jedoch, als er eine Patientin versehentlich tötet und dies ihm sehr nahe geht. After finding out she had been passed over as interim Chief, which went to Alex instead, Meredith decided to hire Cece. FrankensteinCover girlWonder WomanMeredith Webber (AU)Angel of death On the day of her court hearing, she woke up to Zola telling her she wasn't feeling well. Andrew assured the panel that that had been cleared up and left in the past. After Diane eventually passed away, Nathan and Meredith agreed that their timing wasn't right to start something between them and indefinitely postponed their dinner plans, since Maggie would heavily rely on Meredith in the near future. Meredith frequently talks about her problems with Derek, to her, and all the talk about her and Derek, have been a sore point with Cristina, at least a couple of times. Als Meredith nach der OP aufwacht, sitzt Lexie bei ihr und hällt ihre Hand. The three stayed friends, even taking in Meredith's dog, but Addison sometimes felt a tension between the two and realized that everybody knew Derek loved Meredith, except for Derek and Meredith. Noelle coded and went into DIC. Nachdem die Rivalen eine Zeit lang um Meredith kämpfen, beschließt Derek ein besserer Mensch zu werden, sie loszulassen und Finn den Vortritt zu gewähren. Sara Ramírez as Dr. Callie Torres 7. Following an argument about Meredith's future, Meredith spent two months traveling in Europe with her best friend Sadie Harris, who also hated Ellis. Meredith told Nathan that butting heads with Alex was not the way to pursue her. Amelia hat ihr vorgeworfen bei dem Tod von Derek falsch entschieden zu haben. However, they overcame the obstacle and their friendship grew. It was just a place she worked at and she could find a new workplace. Meredith tried to bribe the guard by offering medical advice to any sick family members but it didn't work. She wondered why he had kept his reasoning for his non-standard approach from her, to which he replied that convincing her that he belonged here was not a part of his job. As they waited, she told him about how she got fired and he talked about him and Cristina treating a kid with a similar condition in Switzerland, bringing up a story Cristina had told him about Alex saving a kid with that condition as well. One morning, she found out her hearing about her license was scheduled three months later. Meredith completely changed the treatment, which upset Andrew, but after receiving bone marrow test results, he and Lauren realized that Suzanne might have Still's disease. Familial Information Meredith listened, as she already had concerns about Andrew's health, since he wasn't sleeping or eating. [85], Meredith and Bailey set up a war room at the hospital and gathered the attendings to figure out what was going on with Richard. Trotzdem schlafen Meredith und Derek immer wieder an allen nur Möglichen Stellen ein. He was found to have cirrhosis of the liver. Später, kurz He told her about Richard and Heather, and he gave the baby back to her so she herself could recover her own calm. In that quiet moment, she recalled their shared dream of their lost loved one returning to them and finally told him the news about Megan. Meredith vaguely remembered her mother's pregnancy with Webber's child after he broke it off. She also later broke the hospital's record for the single longest surgery. Derek told her that he was unfortunately unable to accept the offer, but he took her card anyway. When Addison came to Seattle Grace, Izzie and Cristina stole a patient from psych to make her feel better and when Meredith was put on Erica Hahn's service, Cristina selflessly gave Meredith lots of advice on how to impress Hahn. Meredith ordered Andrew to stay by Zola's side in post-op. Meredith grew increasingly worried despite Taryn's reassuring texts. He told Richard that he was the most professional man except for when it came to Meredith Grey, who he didn't always treat as a colleague. Derek told her that her, Zola and Bailey were everything. Folge der 10. Pompeo certainly spends a good part of her press time defending her boy-crazy, whiny alter ego. Derek drängte Meredith dann Derek then hit the ring into the woods. Meredith ended up leaving him in jail on the night of Cristina and Owen's wedding. Meredith accepted the offer and hugged her. And that he was the most qualified surgeon to remove the tumor. At work, Meredith and Andrew's patient turned out to be in labor instead of having an obstruction. She advocated with Bailey to let Andrew scrub in to watch up close despite his inappropriate behavior before, though Bailey stressed that he was on the thin ice. Kinder She went to Andrew, who still hadn't figured out what was wrong with his patient, and asked him to talk her through the entire case. They left the restaurant and took a stroll. Richard pointed out that she might end up as one of the people needing it and stressed that everyone at the hospital needed her. The prosecutor commented on the pattern of his bending the rules for Meredith and called Patricia Murphy to the stand. sie hat in " Das Larzarus-Phänomen" (13.03) gesagt,dass sie manchmal von Derek träumt. An unexpected event of the secret rendezvous was Meredith losing her panties when Derek had pocketed them. Her current phone password is "1008", which she revealed to Jo during a surgery. Alex also spilled to Cristina that she and Meredith were all he had and that they were his family, and that realization made him help Meredith and attempt to get Social Services to let Meredith keep Zola. Title(s) She ran into Andrew, who had anticipated the request and had found her a cup. Eileen war die Frau von Thatcher, Merediths Vater. He agreed but insisted it'd be his treat. He had completely fallen apart. She just shrugged and walked off. They started arguing as Richard opened his eyes, and Meredith enthusiastically greeted him. Ellis bat ihn, Meredith nicht zu He believed she was worth waiting for. However, she considered Amelia family, so she didn't have to. Staffel 1: Meredith will zunächst keine Beziehung zu ihrem Vorgesetzten, Staffel 1: Meredith lässt George und Izzie bei ihr einziehen, Meredith bespricht ihre Probleme immer mit ihrer besten Freundin Cristina, Staffel 3: Meredith fällt bei der Versorgung von Opfern der Fährenkatastrophe ins Hafenbecken, Staffel 3: Meredith trifft im Jenseits ihre Mutter, die sie ermutigt sich fürs Leben zu entscheiden, Staffel 3: Meredith entscheidet sich in letzter Sekunde fürs Leben und ihr Herz fängt wieder an zu schlagen, Staffel 3: Während Meredith gerettet werden kann, stirbt ihre Mutter, Staffel 4: Meredith baut auf Dereks Grundsütck ein Haus aus Kerzen, Derek macht mit Rose Schluss, Staffel 5: Derek macht Meredith im Aufzug einen Antrag, Staffel 6: Meredith hält Lexie als große Schwester einen Vortrag über Seitensprünge, Staffel 6: Meredith muss während des Amoklaufs, Staffel 7: Meredith muss Derek einige Male aus dem Gefängnis abholen, wegen zu schnellem Fahren, Staffel 7: Meredith darf zum ersten Mal allein die Notaufnahme leiten. When Zola vomited during breakfast, a worried Meredith took her to the hospital and asked Tom for a head CT given Zola's history of spina bifida. Lexie sie darum bat und Meredith nicht wollte, dass sie ihren Vater verlor. [87], She didn't feel comfortable leaving him at home by himself so she took him back to work with her the next day, leaving him to rest in an on-call room. While in there, Andrew confided in her about how his famous surgeon father killed four people while he operated in a manic episode but he got away with it because of his connections. Andrew didn't know she was coming back. Die Sozialarbeiterin sagte ihnen jedoch, She then decided it was okay to tear the wall down. Meredith glaubte ihr nicht und recherchierte mit Hilfe von Alex, Jackson Avery. Zola called an ambulance, saving her. After George and Callie divorced, Callie moved in with Meredith's best friend, Cristina, so she and Callie bonded a bit more and both of them protected her from Owen Hunt when they thought he might hurt Cristina, after he choked her, while he was asleep. He knew she had meant it. Out of nowhere, as Meredith was checking on Suzanne, Andrew and Lauren rushed in with the diagnosis of Still's disease and Andrew injected her with high-dose steroids without any explanation. Sie wollte sich unbedingt von Derek verabschieden, was Meredith aber verhindert hat, da sie die lebenserhaltenden Maßnahmen sofort abstellte. She briefed the paramedics when they arrived and stressed that they should get him a head CT. Gabby is among the patients who showed up to show their support for Meredith. However, Meredith was forced to leave when there was a risk of explosions in the OR. When April came back after being fired, Meredith liked her even less, because she was way too friendly to Derek. Carina wanted to shut the research down, but Andrew had signed on, insisting their father was stable. Though Jewish, she has stated that she is not religious.At her high school prom, her mom made her go with her best friend's son, whom Cristina said was a dork. Callie decided that their win should be celebrated, and Meredith, Derek, Callie, Arizona, and Cristina all went to dinner to celebrate, where Meredith revealed that she was pregnant. Richard told her that Andrew was a good man and Andrew later talked her through his day over dinner at his place. He offered to help out and they managed to get her house ready in time. Meredith beschloss daraufhin, es zumindest mit Lexie zu versuchen und He wrote that he had left Seattle, admitting he had chosen the easy way out as he didn't want her to give him crap for his decision to set him straight. She also held off on going on a real date with Andrew because she wanted to make sure Maggie was okay with it. Being worshippers at the alter of science, we don't like to believe miracles exist, but they do. During her near-death experience, the very first being she wanted to meet was Doc. She waited to tell him about this long after his recovery wondering how he would react. Her talk brought him back to reality and he handed over the scalpel. Lexie Grey † (half-sister)Molly Grey-Thompson (half-sister)Maggie Pierce (half-sister) She attended Dartmouth College. Meredith and Amelia apologized to each other, and Meredith admitted she doesn't know how to talk to Amelia as she's a lot to handle sometimes, and Meredith doesn't totally like her. The series starts with a focus on Meredith Grey, a surgical resident trying to live up to the reputation of her famous mother, the brilliant Dr. Ellis Grey. Die beiden führen anfangs eine geheime Beziehung, bis es dann nach und nach jeder mitbekommt. She defended her earlier comment and stated she just meant she had a life outside work. He kissed her and they got back together. They started a serious relationship and often had sleepovers. Meredith lied to him, saying she didn't return the feelings, out of consideration for Maggie. Am nächsten Tag findet Addison Meredith's Höschen und realisiert, dass ihre Ehe mit Derek keine Chance mehr hat. She told him about Jo's depression and what had caused it. Why is Owen on the list? Meredith joined him in the hyperbaric chamber with Gus Carter, while unbeknownst to her, her insurance fraud had come to light and Andrew was being questioned by Bailey, Catherine, and representatives from the insurance company. Cristina is of Korean descent raised in Judaism (her mother converted upon re-marriage) and a native of Beverly Hills, California. [24], Despite his promise to Meredith to take care of the kids so that she could have a year to focus on her work, Derek started to consult on a time-consuming brain mapping project for the White House. Dabei finden sie heraus, dass Maggie am 22.11.1983 geboren ist. When Derek was setting up the Alzheimer's trial, Meredith was there to assist him. After Derek decided to be a better person and let her go and be with Finn, she realized she wanted Derek and broke up with Finn. Meredith and Derek wake up after their first encounter. sie gewinnt in der 14. But she forgot to inform Amelia, which sparked a fight between the two. They successfully removed the injured pole of the kidney and had Frankie admitted to the ICU. Owen Hunt. At the hospital, after Jo confirmed that Bailey was furious at her, Meredith went to see her and told her that she had nothing to do with the article as all the things she had written herself were not directed at the hospital. At the end of Meredith's residency, Lexie died after the plane crash because she was stuck under the debris. At the end of the day, Meredith concluded her research had to be about non-invasive diagnostic tools. Later, Derek kissed a nurse named Rose in the scrub room; when Meredith found out, she severed all ties with him. Meredith finds Amelia annoying and doesn't really like her, but they both care for each other as a real family does. Meredith sagte sogar, dass Lexie jemand sei, den sie nie kennen lernen wollte. Als er am Ende der elften Staffel tatsächlich stirbt, bleibt sie jedoch gefasst und sagt: "Es ist okay, du kannst gehen. She later visited him in his house upon finding out he had less than a few days to live, and they talked until he passed away. Alex wollte das so nicht After graduating from medical school, Meredith moved back to Seattle from Boston and into her childhood home in order to begin her internship at Seattle Grace. It turned out Meredith had been right with her guess. She returned to the hospital, where Link put his number in her phone in case of an emergency. Derek Shepherd † (Ehemann)Steve (One-Night-Stand)George O'Malley (One-Night-Stand)Finn Dandridge (ohne sexuelle Handlungen)William Thorpe (One-Night-Stand)Nathan Riggs (Ex-Freund) Andrew DeLuca (Beziehung) Before she could elaborate, Jo called her about Alex assaulting Andrew. paar Monate später wurde er mit einer Leberzirrhose ins Krankenhaus After watching Andrew take care of the newborn baby, Meredith decided to gather her kids that night. However, the morning after, Meredith yelled at Will, asking him to leave immediately. While the surgeons were preparing the hospital and the storm hit Seattle, Meredith's water broke. When he chose rehab, Derek was named the interim Chief of Surgery. Unwilling to explain the whole situation to the technicians through the phone to stop Andrew, Meredith had no choice but to focus on Gus and Alex. Richard then asked her to come. He slept over frequently, and Meredith even considered introducing Nathan to her kids over dinner. Er trifft Meredith das erste Mal, als Doc krank wird und sie ihn zu Finn in die Klinik bringt. George and Meredith apologize during a time-out. He asked her out and she agreed, despite her and Izzie being celibate. All Meredith left was a note saying that she and the children were safe. However, after Andrew took the fall for Meredith's insurance fraud and was put in prison, Meredith told him that, as much as it terrified her, she loves him too. Eventually, the two did formally marry, as it would make it easier for them to legally adopt Zola, an African girl Derek got to know while treating her spina bifida. [13], All the survivors of the plane crash filed a lawsuit against the plane company. He explained he offered to help out because she seemed stressed. While closing up, Connie got called away for another mother in need, and she and Meredith trusted Shane to close up. Later, she ran into Link and he properly introduced himself. Zuerst kann Meredith, Riggs nicht leiden, da er mit Owen eine "Vorgeschichte" hat und sie Christina versprochen hat auf Owen Acht zu geben. Alex wanted to proceed with letters from Callie, Arizona, April, and even Addison, but the judge had heard enough. Meredith felt guilty about forgetting that Amelia was also supposed to be her sister, and gave her her old phone with Derek's last voice mail message. After taken to a vet, Doc was diagnosed with bone cancer. Meredith Grey S3E10 “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” grey's anatomy Meredith Grey narration s3e10 don't stand so close to me personal space 14 notes Dec 7th, 2018 And when busted by a drunk Alex, who had seen her behaving suspiciously, she much later confided in Cristina that she felt that her actions were justified, as Adele was Richard's wife, and she should do something since Adele was about to have saline injected into her brain, and the trial drug sample could help her from becoming a 'gorked out lump', in her own words.The couple subsequently got into an argument in the changing room, where Derek argued that it was Alzheimer's, a disease that she could potentially have, and one whose progression he was trying to stop or cure, while at the same time espousing that everything was black and white, a right and a wrong. He then suggested that they make Gabby sicker on paper so they could keep her in the hospital for 30 days, after which a new state policy would automatically kick in regardless of Luis' income. Jul 25, 2019 - WARNING there are spoilers if you are not fully caught up!!!. Unlike the others, Meredith was convinced it was not Alzheimer's. Er brauchte dringend eine Lebertransplantation, dafür musste er After a week of Meredith ignoring her home life, Maggie reminded her of how she herself had pushed her mother while refusing to accept the reality of her impending death. Als Meredith am Morgen zur Arbeit geht, entdeckt sie sehr zu ihrem Entsetzen, dass Derek Oberarzt im Seattle Grace und somit ihr Vorgesetzter ist. On the day of Owen and Amelia's wedding, Meredith and Alex talked about possibly having only one true love in your life. Sie möchte wie ihr Vater Neuro - Chirurgin werden. After Meredith and Derek's break-up, Cristina protected Meredith by asking Derek to stay away. [21], Meredith was admitted but had to wait for Connie, who was busy with other soon-to-be mothers. Synchronsprecher For ten seasons, Meredith and Cristina's relationship was as central to Grey's Anatomy as any romantic entanglements.Both women have complicated relationships with their profession and the men they date. Seattle, da sie mehr über ihre leibliche Mutter erfahren wollte und fing an im It was later revealed that she moved to San Diego for one year. Much to her surprise, she was told that she could go home. Eventually, Nathan moved to Los Angeles to start a new life with Megan. As such, there is very little that the two of them do not know, about the other, since day one of their internships. However, upon learning of Meredith's tampering with Derek's trial, she voices her strong disapproval of her, as evidenced from her interactions with Meredith, when she got fired, and the Chief, when asked to write a recommendation letter for her. 1. Upon entering the room, Nancy asked Meredith to keep quiet for once given the vicious prosecutor and let her do her job. He asked to clear the room but Bailey had something more to say. Als Ellis Wohnung On her way out, Meredith found Nathan sitting outside on a bench. Meredith said it was just sex at this point. In post-op, Jamie didn't care about the successful surgery as her crush still hadn't texted her back. Sie küssen sich und kommen wieder zusammen. She developed a habit of reciting surgical steps in her head to deal with her claustrophobia in the PPE. [100], On their third date, Will and Meredith had sex. The attraction between Meredith and Andrew continued to grow with every surgery did they together. The Harper Avery Foundation, led by Catherine Avery, made Jackson Avery their spokesperson on the board,[19] which upset all the other doctors. Meredith found Andrew clearing out the lab and he requested some time alone, so she told him to let her know if he needed anything and left him be.[61]. He told her he just preferred to give people all the information and let them figure out what to do with it, a courtesy that his wife's doctors hadn't shown him before she did. 4. They started to argue and Meredith said, "I know there's a ring!" Patrick Dempsey surprised fans when his character Derek Shepherd (a.k.a. Andrew asks Meredith to trust his judgment on his father. She sent Derek a message and got checked out by Connie Ryan, and she promised that everything was fine with the baby. Later, she explained to Zola that Uncle Alex had left. Meredith and Carina share their concerns over Andrew's mental health. To make up for his behavior, he made her an apology dinner. As he was yelling accusations, Meredith and other attendings formed a human circle around him, indicating he was the dangerous person rather than the aunt and convinced him to go to Bailey's office. After staring long enough at the figure far away, she realizes that it's Derek, waving his arms and smiling. [15], During Meredith's pregnancy, Dr. Alana Cahill was brought to the hospital to assess efficiency, as the plane crash verdict forced the hospital into bankruptcy after its insurance refused to pay the penalties after finding a loophole. After Richard's surgery, Owen came to Meredith's room to tell her that Bailey had closed Richard back up once Catherine started yelling at them from the gallery. She learned the truth about DeLuca being with Jo through Stephanie and went to tell Alex, who had thought that DeLuca was raping a drunk Jo. Jo then had Bailey agree to have Meredith supervise the procedure remotely through video chat, which convinced Shirley to consent. Andrew overheard and offered to go get it himself, being used to the cold due to growing up in Wisconsin. Because of her mother's reputation, Meredith was often treated differently from other doctors, sometimes favored and sometimes disliked. A boy named Sal Scafarillo was chosen for Romeo, and all the girls were jealous of Meredith, who was chosen for Juliet. She instructed Meredith to go out and buy herself five new outfits and ready herself for something new, which she did.[48]. Sie lebt bei ihren Tanten Maggie und Amelia und ihrer Mutter mit Geschwistern in dem frühreren Haus von Meredith, weil sie nach Dereks Tod die ganzen Erinnerungen nicht mehr ertragen konnte. Cormac hoped his boys wouldn't go out and break the rules like Frankie had done, though Meredith understood Frankie, remembering how she was as a teenager. She needed some joy and found that was the way to do it, so she told Meredith to go find joy herself. He didn't hold it against her as he had had the same disagreement with Cristina once, though he was on Meredith's side back then. Upon recognizing an Anatomy Jane doll and her own remembered fondness for her own as a child, Dr. Miranda Bailey allowed Meredith to scrub into surgery that day on a patient being treated for an inoperable tumor. Auch wenn sie sich offensichtlich nicht leiden können, fangen sie an sich zu mögen. Nach dem College, als Afterward, Meredith briefly talked with Cormac. Staffel 9: Meredith lässt sich von Miranda auf das Alzheimer-Gen testen. in "Genug ist genug" (2.02) äußerte sie die Meinung, die Schuld am Elend der Welt und ihrer selbst liegt einzig und allein bei den Männern und ihren Penissen. She told him she loved him and left to set the record straight.[67]. Scans revealed a mass. umarmten und ihre Mutter Meredith sagte, dass sie aussergewöhnlich sei und Meanwhile, Heather went to find Dr. Bailey to assist them. However, Robin brought up that her insurance wouldn't cover the treatment if it only covered one asthma inhaler per month. Meredith stayed with him and checked his breath sounds. Meredith replied that she could live without him but that she didn’t ever want to. Ellis Grey (Mutter)†Thatcher Grey (Vater)Eileen Grey (Stiefmutter)†Richard Webber (Ersatz Vater) They both became very happy once Derek moved back to Seattle. Meredith quickly finished her assigned zone at community service and asked her supervisor to be allowed to leave to take care of an emergency. That evening, Meredith hosted a party for the newlyweds at her house. Robin had seen her primary care physician about it, who referred her to an ENT, but her appointment was still months away. As time went on, he witnessed her convincing her patient's husband not to give up, he wondered how she could tell the man that if she herself kept running away from love. Staffel 7: Callie ist schwanger und bekommt kurz darauf ein gesundes Mädchen; Meredith fragt sich,warum alle sogar ungewollt ein Baby kriegen, nur sie nicht. Geschlecht The prosecutor suspected it had something to do with Meredith's being fired. At the same time, Taryn arrived with the news that they had finally found a donor for Cece. Mutter Alzheimer hat. She ran into Tom, who asked her what she would do with Griffin's money. As she was about to head to the OR, Zola's surgical team came by to tell everything had gone fine. Upon finding out that Nathan didn't know yet, Meredith immediately left to go and tell him. He left her to think about it, and she decided that she wanted him to give her a reason to go for it. Given the features shown on there, she convinced Jackson to take the time to perform a biopsy, which revealed papillary thyroid cancer, which could be treated. Ko. Staffel 9: Meredith und Derek freuen sich darüber, dass sie noch ein Kind bekommen. Then she blamed fate for her own bad decision. Die beiden fangen an, sich zu treffen und kommen so auch zusammen. This resulted in Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital being renamed to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in 2013, after Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan, the two fatalities of the plane crash. Shepherddie perfekte ZwölfjährigeSeelenverwandte (Cristina) Maggie tried to talk to her about her healthcare directive but Meredith brushed it off so she could talk to her daughter. darum Meredith und Lexie um Entschuldigung und die beiden verziehen ihm. Meredith also helped get Richard and Catherine back together after their fight. Link, dressed as Santa, came over to give Meredith cookies from his bag while on his way to the peds ward. Zola was taken away from them for a time, during which Meredith and Derek rekindled their relationship. She sat down to text Alex, who started typing up a reply but stopped, which worried her.[80]. He tried to perform CPR in the ambulance, but she did not respond. However, Cristina made her accept that she would decide her fate with Owen herself, and Meredith would just have to deal with it. 3. She attends Derek and Meredith's Christmas dinner to impress her father, and shows a motherly protection over Meredith. Carina had overheard her concerns and shared that she had been worried about Andrew for a while, having noticed signs of high highs and low lows in recent years. While on a trip to Washington, D.C., Derek was offered a full-time job at the National Institutes of Health, and he found a job for Meredith at James Madison Hospital. Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 6 picked up with our titular surgeon in a better state than she's been in recent episodes. When Meredith was young, her father, Thatcher, would bring her to Seattle Grace Hospital to visit her mother, Ellis, at work. But what it also reveals is that Ellen Pompeo 's alter ego will be faced with another figure from her past. Because Maggie had dated Andrew years ago, Meredith wanted to get her approval before starting to date Andrew. Despite a fall-out that resulted in Meredith kicking Amelia out of the house, Amelia continued to watch over her when Meredith was attacked. Meredith and Owen have had a turbulent relationship, as they have often clashed over Cristina, whom they both care about very much. In the end, Vincenzo's display of reckless behavior led to Alex shutting the research down. Though both of them were really happy, Meredith was very concerned due to her hostile uterus, but Derek remained optimistic, and she was still pregnant. Außerdem will sie nicht ohne Alex und die anderen. After the recess, Owen testified to her surgical skills, specifically on Megan's case, but the prosecutor had dug up Bailey's post-op notes, which mentioned Owen voicing serious doubts about Meredith's approach at the time. In another attempt to find more work, Meredith set out to convince Bailey to allow her to create a surgical innovation fellowship for Jo. The resident presented her with a welcome back cake. [46], While the sex dreams continued, Meredith found herself avoiding Cece due to her aggressive matchmaking attempts. She agreed. Meredith Grey ist leitende Oberärztin der Allgemeinchirurgie am Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, welches sie mit einigen Kollegen gekauft hat und in dessen Vorstand sitzt. Addison stayed at Seattle Grace and Meredith was left alone and when news of the scandal leaked out, she became much of the hospital's talking points and gossip. Taking advantage of still having her license, she continued to give out medical advice to people on her crew, referring them to Pac-North for further care. She also donated part of her liver to her father, but a liver regenerates. Staffel 8: Meredith und Derek bekommen Zola zurück. Cormac came into the lounge to get coffee and after he was gone, Amelia commented on his being hot. Her lawyer then appeared and Meredith explained why she hadn't shown up for the hearing. Meredith Grey and Richard Webber had a very strained relationship for a very long time. He tried to visit her on several occasions, but he got nowhere. They staged an intervention with Carina, Richard, and his psychiatrist. On her wedding day, she was given a colon removal operation, from Derek, as her first solo surgery, as a wedding present. They did extra tests and found it was a grade III chondrosarcoma. [40], As the relationship with Nathan progressed to him sleeping over a lot, Meredith finally found it time for him to meet the kids and invited him to dinner.

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