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Anyone else getting this error? You can check your No-Rush Rewards balance here. This could be “FREE No-Rush Shipping.” As a token of appreciation for choosing a slower delivery method, you can sometimes be issued an Amazon courtesy credit. $3 Amazon Credit. ... do not even qualify for free shipping these days. I just bought shipping through Amazon and the shipping went through after putting the dimensions and weight. Posted at 9:49 AM, May 13, 2020 . While most no-rush-shipping offers give you a credit for a highly specific category, this one works as a $3 credit for any Amazon purchase, something most of … We have time to print this, it doesnt have to be right now, but I am wondering if others are having the same issue. At $99/year -- or the recently announced $10.99/month -- a subscription to Amazon Prime isn't cheap, but for people who place regular orders with the e-tail giant, the free expedited shipping … After that it usually send you to print the shipping label and packing slip but that did not happen this time even though it charge me the shipping. I did some research and came up with four clever ways to get free shipping at Amazon without paying for a Prime membership. The UPIC thing has also disappeared (however if that is linked to USPS, and USPS is not showing that part is understandable). If it costs the same to ship it to you in a day vs 5 days, it could get difficult for them to justify the cost of the discount. We have had no issues with that up until today. Sometimes the rewards expire after a certain duration. Usually, choosing No-Rush Shipping gets you a free $1 digital credit to use on things like ebooks, digital games, movies, and the like. These are the various credits that Prime members receive when volunteering to ship their order at a method that’s slower than the free 2-day shipping rate. With all the infrastructure Amazon's building, it may not be helpful for them anymore to provide a no-rush discount in a lot of cases. Anyone else having the issue of USPS greyed out or not showing in buy shipping. Amazon No-Rush Shipping. An Amazon Prime subscription offers its members many benefits (more than 25, in fact), but one of the best and most popular perks is free two-day shipping. Amazon has finally created a page to view your no-rush credit balance. Standard shipping orders can take up to two weeks to arrive, or you can choose a range of speedier delivery options, normally at a higher cost. No-Rush Shipping orders usually arrive within six business days. For Amazon Prime members in no hurry to receive their orders, they can select free No-Rush Shipping and receive an instant digital order discount or a promotional digital reward towards a future purchase. Choose no-rush shipping and get a $3 reward toward your next Amazon purchase; Direct Link. Previously, it was only possible to view the total credit available in various categories. "Actually, it says it is not eligible for Amazon Prime," she said.

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