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These inks are another way of showing his love for his mom, family, and friends. You can also celebrate the magic power of self-belief with a neat red heart to replace the dot of the ‘i’ in a Believe tattoo. Tattoo: Just below his mother’s eye tattoo there is a badge cum coin inked which reads DETECTIVE 1278 written on the lower part of it. See more ideas about just believe, tattoos, tattoo quotes. “M.E.S” stands for his full name i.e Marcus Earl Stroman. Chest tattoo. Red and black combine dramatically in this word tattoo written in a small hand. Life is not all positive. Breaking stereotypes. 24/27. Tattoo: Marcus has another quote inked on his right forearm which says, “Adversity defines character” which means that the way we act during the times of difficulties, misfortune, and distress in life is how our character can be judged. The word ‘Believe’ can also combine with a red heart or musical notes to make interesting patterns that you can use to start a conversation. Copyrights © 2021 Design Press – All rights reserved. Tattoo: Towards the right side of his upper stomach is a quote inked that says, “Grow through what you go through” which means that all of us have to go through lots of hardships and difficulties in life, we should learn to face them with confidence and all the courage and ultimately grow through them easily. 💉, — Marcus Stroman (@STR0) January 19, 2019. Strong angles and straight lines add power to this graphic design style Believe tattoo. Believe in your abilities. Tattoo: On Marcus’ back there is a collaboration of tattoos inked. A cute ghost and phrase ‘Believe in yourself’ tattooed on the right forearm. Here we have compiled 30 believe tattoos that will give you a beautiful glimpse into the stylish world of the said word. With just a few black lines and shades, this Believe tattoo is given an additional shadow. His body structure is tattooed inside a baseball glove that reads GOLD GLOVE AWARD. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.”. When you love yourself more you’ll be happier. Your faith and belief in something or someone can uplift your life. Tattoo: Flowing downwards towards his wrist lies an ink which reads, “Dreamchaser“. Inked in a Medieval English font, this Believe tattoo adds a pretty motif. This means that you would have to really look closely before you see it, which can be an allegory to one’s belief. You have entered an incorrect email address! The tattoo symbolizes that Marcus believes in following his heart and goals with the continuous faith of achieving his dreams. It can mean either to believe in yourself or to have faith in others. Tattoos are classified as dirty things, which is prohibited from the Islam religion. This Believe tattoo starts with a cute and cheeky red heart that allows you to believe more on love. Meaning: Pulse or heartbeat tattoo symbolizes that life is indeed precious to Marcus. Simple yet elegant, this tattoo makes sure that its message is sent out properly. April 1, 2019. The ink itself is another clear symbolism of the fact that how strong a believer and follower of motivational quotes he is. Meaning: Height Doesn’t Measure Heart is the full form of the word HDMH which is the brand of Marcus Stroman. However, one thing you should not do is give up. Meaning: This ink is clear proof of the fact that Marcus is a strong believer in his own thoughts, understandings, and rules. This person said screw simple and just went all out with the additional designs like butterflies, stars, and even a peace sign. #tatted, — Marcus Stroman (@STR0) December 15, 2014, Tattoo: On the top of the right shoulder of Marcus, lies an ink of a Poker Chip which contains the words on its outer side, “Doing Everything They Said I Couldn’t!” whereas on the inner side of it written are the words, “Critics Doubters & Haters.”. A loop each in ‘B’ and ‘e’ marks the beginning and end of this stylish one word Believe tattoo. See more ideas about believe tattoos, tattoos, tattoos for women. Similar Images . #INK #LaFamilia #tatted, — Marcus Stroman (@STR0) January 14, 2014. Let us explore his interesting tattoos and their meanings. He got his own full portrait inked on his lower right back displaying him in the batting position on the field. Set of three handwritten cursive script style 'believe in yourself' temporary tattoos. film the bye bye man streaming ita esercizi per eliminare la gobba film su bill gates. The two stars at the end complete this Wrist tattoo. An artistically inked cross comes together with a colorful wavy pattern in this inspiring Believe tattoo. This tattoo highlights in red the word lie inside the word Believe which could have some deep metaphorical meaning for the person. Believing in yourself is perhaps one of the most important things you can possibly do for yourself and others. Tattoo: On the top right of his back lies the portrait of his mother, ‘Adlin Auffant‘, and right below it lies the portrait of his father, ‘Earl Stroman‘. The lack of motivation and reminders are usually keeping us away from the right way. Your semi-permanent tattoo package includes: Innovative™ Tattoo - An all-natural, fruit based ink tattoo Easy application pads Easy instructions card Tattoo Dimensions: 3.54 X 0.58 inches (9.00 X 1.47 cm) Our revolutionary semi-permanent tattoos last up to 15 days and they look and feel just like a real tattoo. Log in Sign up. This simple tattoo just gives off a straightforward message that make your wrist look better. Before you can love anyone else, you must love yourself. Note: Because this selection contains some special Japanese Hiragana characters, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher. Marcus is known to have received the ink of stars and angel wings for good luck and as a tribute to his faith and love for God. This tattoo can get you to believe in the power of love. Done in a casual everyday font this simple wrist tattoo emphasizes the power of continuing to believe in every moment. This elegant word tattoo in black ink has a pink touch for a colorful effect. We often know what we want, but getting it proves to be difficult. Tattoo: There is a line inked on Marcus’ right bicep which reads, “Always keep climbing” which means that no matter what problems we face in life we should continue to focus on higher goals and reaching success in life. Getting inked will surely send off a strong message. 20.02.2016 - Erkunde Lalelus Pinnwand „Tattoo Believe“ auf Pinterest. This Believe tattoo just pays homage to your underlying faith in God. You don't need an extravagant tattoo to honor the idea that you believe in being kind. Chip on my shoulder. Tattoo: Surrounding the left side of his mother’s eye tattoo there is a colorful ink that represents ‘Puerto Rican Flag’ which signifies his mother’s roots. #103090940 - I can concept. Strong lines in a bold font mark the letters of this Believe tattoo. Motivate yourself, believe in yourself. Tattoo: The lower part of his right pec is inked with musical notes. Tattoo 3. Marcus Earl Stroman better known as Marcus Stroman is an American Professional Baseball pitcher for the New York Mets of Major League. He made his debut in 2014 with Toronto Blue Jays. A rich pattern of curvy lines sits inked below this stylish Believe tattoo. Putting it on your wrist acts as a reminder that you should not give up. The side of the palm with its long shape makes for a great place to get inked with this Believe tattoo. #INK #blessed #tatted, — Marcus Stroman (@STR0) January 22, 2013. . Believe that I can do anything, have confidence in myself and all my decisions. Inspirational Quotes to encourage You To Believe Go to Index for Believe In Yourself Quotes; Never stop believing in yourself. This message helps not only the wearer but also anyone who sees it. Ink that tells my story. March 19, 2015. “Basically, he wanted to do a (collaboration) of different elements of his life,” said Reimer over the phone from his Abbotsford home. I was thinking of coupling this phrase with "Believe in yourself" and getting a tattoo of the combination. He is not only the CEO but also the founder of this project. This ink is the symbol of Marcus’s love for music. From mainstream religions to individualized ideas, body art can remind yourself what you believe and share it with others. Size: 2.4 in / 6 cm (width) FREE INT. Tattoo: Towards the center of his chest, there is a spot of ink which reads ‘sMILE’. This foot tattoo allows you to wear sandals and heels with a simple foot tattoo. Each and every tattoo has meaning. Love my tats! A lighter shadow style repeats the flowing lines of this powerful word tattoo. Tattoos are a great way to express your spiritual side. For musically-inclined people, this is quite a great tattoo to ink on your wrists. Marcus is a huge ink lover and that is clearly evident from his tattooed covered body. Thus, this being one of them which includes the words, Mamma’s Boy and Daddy’s Gift written across his wrist of the left hand. He got his own statue inked as a tribute to mark his winning of the 1st Gold Glove Award of his career in 2017. You can get the simple yet powerful word ‘Believe’ word on your wrist in a regular font to look at everyday, especially during the trying times of the day. This Believe tattoo on the wrist is inked in a strong font and underlined with a flourish for a bolder effect. The more you age, this Believe tattoo will look much better. Recent Top. The word ‘Believe’ sits among other life affirming powerful words in this beautiful tattoo on the side of the foot. Four important words to live by. The ink on his stomach contains a four-image homage to the Toronto city. The tattoo was received by him when he found himself contended with his life and achieving his goals easily. A couple examples are as follows, they all technically mean the same thing, I guess. "Love yourself first." Tattoo: On his right hand’s wrist there is a tattoo od darkened sportsman along with a phrase which says ‘Never Fear’. Marcus is the CEO and founder of the brand HDMH, which stands for “Height Doesn’t Measure Heart.” He calls it to be his passion project and closest to his heart. The quote has been obtained from the verse no. Tattoo: Just at the beginning of the quote on Marcus’s right pec there is an airplane tattooed in dark black ink. Tattoo: Marcus’ lefts shoulder is inked multiple stars followed by angel wings. This is the date when Marcus had to undergo major surgery after his knee injury. Take a look. And we wanted to capture kind of a foggy, misty presence to the skyline, so we incorporated kind of like a cloudy look to it. Tattoo: Just below the heartbeat tattoo Marcus has got the words tattooed, which say “Height Doesn’t Measure Heart“. Super Sexy Vagina Tattoos That Will Shock and Awe Any Audience, 24 Powerful Long Distance Friendship Quotes, Free Designs, Wallpapers and Screensavers, How To Make Yourself Look Older In Photoshop, The 12 Funniest Pictures Of Hillary Clinton, 10 Best Tattoo Ink Brands for Sharp, Lasting Colors, Your Easy Guide to 14 Best Tattoo Numbing Creams, Complete Guide to Getting Realistic Tattoos. Very nice! 1. Done with wavy lines, this tattoo can get anyone’s attention. The patterns of spring bloom in eternal combinations in this beautiful Believe tattoo with stars and butterflies for decoration. I’d like to have the Note To Self believe tattoo. 1 believe in yourself tattoo Size: the tattoo is around 7 cm x 1,5 cm (2.76 x 0.59) Last for 2-7 days, depends were you place the tattoo and how much you wet the tattoo. Motivate yourself, believe in yourself. Don't forget to love yourself in the process of tending to others. Meaning: The tattoo is the tribute for his love for Toronto City. This Believe Tattoo is written in a script font that would make your wrist elegant. NEW INK! This bold tattoo on your bicep can show how strong your belief is. The tattoo is the representation of Marcus’ fearlessness towards his life. I am wondering which forms are most appropriate. Sometimes a simple tattoo is enought o remind you of your belief. Just a part of the half sleeve on my left arm! #tattoos, — Marcus Stroman (@STR0) December 10, 2013. Hey guys, Thanks again for recently helping me clear up my confusion on why noli timere makes sense as a tranlation for "don't be afraid." This tattoo design will highlight your wrist and have your wrist look good with a rustic bracelet. White ink tattoos are a recent trend that make your wrist stand out. This tattoo can make your foot look so much better. Boom! Meaning: The ink reads as, “Everything is possible for him who believes” which stands for the fact that the person who believes in his goals, he can achieve them in any way. Tattoo: On the upper right part of his right chest there is a pulse tattoo. Or it can be that deepest core belief, to believe one’s own self. Trust. 9.23 of The Bible focuses on the encouragement towards life. Through using Latin translators online, I understand that there are alternate forms of the phrase. For religious people, it can be their belief in the love of God. When it comes to Belief, a simple Believe tattoo has enough power to carry you through a lifetime. Believe in Yourself 2. Just believe that everything will turn up and push through with life. Tattoo: Dates have always been important for Marcus and it is clearly proved from the various date tattoos which he has on his body. Whereas towards the right side lies an ink of full wine glass and an orchid. SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $10. A tattoo such as this is not only a reminder to yourself, but a reminder to others who see it. 93 Believe In Yourself Quotes Let these believe in yourself quotes remind you that you have a lot to offer! The ink itself is another clear symbolism of the fact that how strong a believer and follower of motivational quotes he is. According to him, his mother has green eyes thus the tattoo has been done in the same shade. Whether its sports, business, work, or studies if you can believe that you can achieve your target then nothing will be able to stop you. If you are fan of Rock, this Believe tattoo will surely get you intrigued. A simple underlined stroke flourishes and loops in key letters, or a pretty pattern of stars can be ideal to complete a Believe tattoo. Jun 6, 2017 - Explore Tattoomaze's board "Believe Tattoos For Women", followed by 9855 people on Pinterest. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A red heart-shaped ‘B’ marks the powerful beginning of a love tattoo saying ‘Believe’ on the wrist with this Believe tattoo. Tattoo: Marcus got the word Blessed inked on his left forearm on January 23, 2013. Add to Likebox #103090936 - I can concept. Follow. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. Believe in peace, says this elegant word tattoo inked in pure white on the wrist. It also shows to people that you have some flair. Styled in a mass of loops and curls this is a pretty word tattoo in black ink for a girl’s foot. Sometimes, you will encounter some roadblocks and it can get understandably frustrating. Weitere Ideen zu tätowierungen, tattoo ideen, tattoos. Whether you‘re just wanting to see how you‘ll likely look in a few decades,... A name doing the rounds everywhere on the Internet, newspapers, and television channels, Sarah... One of the most powerful messengers of love and humanity Jesus Christ is a... A sister is a blessing of God. The face of Rihanna shows his great love for the singer and music. Marcus claims to have got this inked to keep himself motivated and focused on whatever he wants to achieve in his life. Tattoo: On his left forearm, Marcus has got a tattoo that reads, ‘BREAKING STEREOTYPES‘ followed by two fist punches inked on both the ends of the tattoo. The strong swirls and loops add an old-style classy look to this ‘Believe’ tattoo. Meaning: The quote means that the perfect and the ultimate way to judge the man of his strength and capabilities is from the way he acts during the times of his challenges and problems in his life and not through the way he lives through the times of his leisure and comfortable life. Whichever body part you choose to get inked, it will definitely get accentuated. Colorful patterns of stars, a butterfly, and pretty vines add decoration to this Believe tattoo. Believe in yourself! 4. 1,262 notes. This one word can change the destiny of a person and transform their lives into something pure, fresh, and rich. Tattoo: Marcus has a huge ink on his stomach which shows the Toronto Skyline. He got it done from the tattoo artist Levi Reimer. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. On the top of his back, there are words written which say, “Family First” inked in italic font followed by M.E.S written under it. Choosing a different script will allow your tattoo to stand out from the rest. Chest Tattoos. 2. Butterflies, Stars, and Leaves decorate this Believe Spring Tattoo design. Check out some of the most inspiring, thought provoking and uplifting tattoos on getting to know yourself, raising your self-esteem and finding a self-love. When life takes an unavoidable tragic turn, it is important that you have something to hold onto so you do not easily give up. - Explore tattoomaze's board "Just Believe In Yourself Tattoo", followed by people on Pinterest. Meaning: Marcus Stroman is the player of Toronto Blue Rays and No 6 represents his Jersey Number. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Nautical Star Tattoos , Celtic Cross Tattoos , Literary Tattoos and Words For Tattoos . Doing everything they said I couldn't! Marcus Stroman’s 36 Tattoos & Their Meanings, Kenny Vaccaro’s 24 Tattoos & Their Meanings, Maria Kanellis’ 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings, Nick Cannon’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings, Mon Laferte’s 28 Tattoos & Their Meanings. I'm looking at getting a tattoo in latin which says "believe in yourself." Discover more posts about believe-tattoo. #super cute #white ink tattoo #believe tattoo. Momma's green eye tatted! The ‘B’ shaped like a cute red heart is a pretty touch on this Believe tattoo. #INK, — Marcus Stroman (@STR0) January 30, 2013. Aug 11, 2017 - Explore Tattoomaze's board "Just Believe In Yourself Tattoo", followed by 9830 people on Pinterest. When others doubt, don't you. This simple tattoo will definitely brighten your day whenever you see it. The side of the foot is long enough to get an elaborate Believe tattoo in a formal font. Believe in yourself tattoo. This is one tattoo that you normally won’t see unless you know what you are looking for. Tattoo: On the left forearm Marcus has another quote inked in Bold Letters which says, “MY BELIEF IS STRONGER THAN YOURS”. Using Blue ink, this tattoo stands out even more. Many people get inked with Believe tattoos and Faith, Hope, Love tattoos on their wrist to remind themselves to believe in love, beauty, and goodness everyday. The underline below just highlights your Believe tattoo. Abstract Tattoos (214) Animal Tattoos (951) Ankle Tattoos (430) Arm Tattoos (2,887) Back Tattoos (262) Belly Tattoos (86) When life throws some lemons on your way, seeing this Believe tattoo will remind you that you just need to believe in God. Have faith in your abilities! Inked in uniform letters in an italics style this is an elegant Believe tattoo in black. Until next time! Believe in the power of music, says this tattoo that cleverly combines the ‘Belief’ tattoo with musical notes in the design. Meaning: Stars represent the faith and hope and the relationship that a man shares with God. ... Life Motivation Word on Adult Tattoo Shirtless Man Background. See more ideas about Tattoos, Tattoo quotes. 10 Spiritual Tattoos. Inked in pure white this is an elegant ‘Believe’ tattoo to showcase on one foot. Related Tattoos. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. The orchid is his favorite flower, he usually has them in his house. Tattoo: Right across his cheekbones lies a tattoo that reads ‘BElieve in YOUrself‘. This is one way to add some colour into an otherwise black tattoo. On the top there is a portrait of Toronto shown by CN Tower and the Rogers Centre, followed by the portrait of Rihanna under it. The word ‘Believe’ can also combine with a red heart or musical notes to make interesting patterns that you can use to start a conversation. This cursive script will surely add a classic accent to your tattoo. 1. ‘Believe’ is such a simple word yet packs in so much of meaning. Tattoo: On Marcus’ right shoulder there is a tattoo of number ‘161’. The main reason of valuing self-esteem so highly is simply because it makes life so much happier and more fun. Stroman noted on Twitter: “Surgery tomorrow. Don’t undermine this small tattoo as it still sends out a strong idea. Dare. Similar Images . Tattoos are a great way to express your spiritual side. Tattoo: On his left bicep there lies an ink all covered with stars on all sides which reads, “Shoot for the moon. White Ink tattoos are great as it stands out from the usual dark colored ones. Required Cookies & Technologies. A quote from #MLK and of course #HDMH! Menu Cart 0. ‘BElieve in YOUself’ Tattoo. Two little stars right after the ‘e’ make this a unique Believe tattoo on the wrist. This means, "believe in yourself", "have faith in yourself", or "believe in myself" (can be myself or yourself depending in if you're saying it to yourself or someone else). And there’s the female figure (Rihanna) below that has some smoke billowing out of her mouth to create that ambiance.”. Choose a tattoo category. With so much of the positive energy surging through the universe, stars, butterflies, and vines can be the perfect decorative patterns to color a ‘Believe’ tattoo. This Believe tattoo shows its support to the HIV/AIDS community in their fight against the stigma. Note the fine line that finishes off this stylish Believe tattoo on the wrist. SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $10 Cart 0. I want it to basically remind myself to trust my gut, my mind and my heart. Search. Hand cut.. Tattoo: Marcus is very fond of his project Height Doesn’t Measure Heart and has got the brand’s symbol tattooed near his right hand’s wrist. That would boast self confidence. Inked in a flowing cursive font this narrow style Believe tattoo looks really elegant on the inner wrist. Tags: categories, Lettering, Quotes, English Quotes, “Believe in yourself”, Love Tattoos, Self-love, Languages, English. Some Shafi'i scholars such as Amjad Rasheed argue that tattooing causes impurity and that tattoos were prohibited by the Prophet Muhammad. And, Marcus is known to be a strict follower of this. The ‘B’ is styled with a huge flourish to add a touch of drama to this simple Believe tattoo on the wrist. This black ink will surely get someone’s attention. For old romantics, it can be a strong belief in the power of love. The universe has powerful energy flows that we can tap for ourselves to enrich our lives, but only if we believe. Meaning: The quote has been said by Les Brown which means that life is short and full of unexpectedness, thus, we should keep working on our goals to become successful, no matter what. kakamendes. FREE INT. Shout the legend for starting my back piece. A simple underlined stroke flourishes and loops in key letters, or a pretty pattern of stars can be ideal to complete a Believe tattoo.Often, you may find the word tattooed alongside other positive inspiration words on the side of a foot. Add to Likebox #82332081 - Take a Rest Care Chill Relax Word Graphic. This is one fantastic and inspiring way to accentuate your leg. Tattoos are one of the oldest forms of body art perfect in celebrating the beauty and magic of belief. He doesn’t believe in following the so-called rules and customs of society. inked-love-tattoos. This Believe tattoo is designed with wavy patterns and shades that would make your tattoo look simplistically elegant. The cross right through the red heart in this Believe tattoo makes it a powerful showcase for religious belief. Tattoo: On Marcus’ inner right bicep there is another tattoo ink which reads as, Loyal LOVE where the letter O in LOVE is replaced with the heart. On his right upper arm lies a tattoo which reads, 3-19-2015. Believe In Yourself Quotes and Sayings. Tattoo Artist: Bob Queiroz. Tattoo: His right and left pecs are all covered in designs shaded in black ink. They believe that a dirty body will directly lead to a dirty mind and will destroy their wudhu, ritual ablution. Towards the left of his father’s portrait there is a signboard inked which reads ‘SCOTCHPIN DR‘ which is the area code. Whatever you are be a good one Flair and drama is added into this Believe tattoo making it so much more decadent on the eyes. Meaning: The placement of the tattoo near Martin Luther’s quote is the symbolism of the fact that Marcus believes in soaring high in his life by living through his own thoughts and imagination through self-motivation. Tattoo: Marcus is known to be a family guy which is clearly evident from his multiple body inks which are dedicated to his family. A simple tattoo of the word "kindness" is a big enough statement on its own. Inked in a small hand this simple tattoo in black sends out a powerful message to believe. You will never consider your wrist as plain and boring after you get this tattoo design. This colorful Believe tattoo will definitely make your skin look pretty. Styled in a strong cursive font this simple phrase tattoo is all about believing in one’s own self. Meaning: The date holds great relevance for Marcus as on this day he had joined Toronto Blue Jays. AIDS is a human condition that patients should not be ashamed of. In order to be a good person, a good partner, and a good friend, you have to be completely okay with yourself first. Your order includes an application instruction You can remove your tattoo by rub the tattoo of with oil or alcohol Dont forget Tattoo: Just below the Blessed ink, Marcus has got the date, May 4, 2014. He claims to receive it as a continuous reminder to himself that a person should keep smiling always irrespective of all tensions in life. Italics and loops mark this retro style classy one word Believe tattoo on the wrist. Having the believe tattoo on this finger can remind yourself to ‘be quiet, keep believing’. Believe that you were created for a purpose. Tattoo: On the left side of Martin Luther King’s quote tattoo there is No 6 inked. Tattoo: Right on the center of the inner portion of his left arm, Marcus has got his mother’s eye tattoo inked. Dream. Motivational tattoos that will get you up, smiling, and determined to run forward with your arms raised high and confident. The letters Mom, Dad, and Jes show his love for his family all written inside the hearts inked on his left chest edsuch that his whole left chest is covered in an intricate design. Friendship is that bond that has the strength of ten million worlds. Tattoo: On Marcus’s left pec lies a tattoo which includes the names of all the members closest to his heart along with Spanish phrases inked in a clockwise way as “Mom, Dios me Bendiga, Dad, Dios me guarde, Jes“. The lines of this Believe tattoo get a touch of drama from the elaborate mass of swirls and the red heart-shaped ‘i’. You never know who you run into on the streets that might need to hear or see this message. Tattoo: On the left side of his stomach, Marcus has a quote inked which has been taken from the Bible. The road to the top is always under construction!”,, Art is everything. Just above the eye tattoo lie the words, ‘La Familia’ which means ‘The Family’ in English. Believe. Orange shades and stylish spikes mark this elaborately styled word tattoo on the leg. Continue to believe in beautiful designs as you look at these lively Believe Tattoos. The symbol also carries a phrase under it which says, Go To Work Boy. Tattoo: On his right pec there is a quote inked said by Martin Luther King Jr, which reads as, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.“ Martin Luther King Jr. Follow. “The (half full) glass of wine means he isn’t finished (accomplishing great things) yet. 10. Tattoo: On the outer side of his right forearm, Marcus has got the face of Lion inked in a very linear shaded outline. The tattoo shows the date written inside a rectangle whose inner sides are tattooed with the color of Toronto Blue Jays. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on One Word Tattoos, Life Death Tattoos, Tattoo Sayings and Let It Be Tattoos. Often, you may find the word tattooed alongside other positive inspiration words on the side of a foot. Remind myself that I can do it, even in the tough times. Tattoo: Right across his cheekbones lies a tattoo that reads ‘BElieve in YOUrself‘. The red ribbon that symbolizes AIDS and the word ‘Believe’ come together to make a powerful message in this tattoo design. We are all full of doubts when we should not be. Meaning: Right in the center on his left pec there lies a batch which reads ‘NY 631′ i.e the area code of his residence inked inside the barbed wire fence and surrounded by the words “Dios me Bendiga” which means “God Bless me”, “Dios me guarde” which means God save me.

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