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I HAVE 3 CELLS THAT CAN HAVE VALUE OF EITHER "W"OR"L" IE. What I want to find out is find out whether anywhere else in the range the this combination is appear or repeated and how many times it is repeated i need to know. Example: A1= 2 A2= 2 A3= 2 I can verify that two cells are equal by merely typing =A1=A2 and Excel will return "True" or "False." In this respect, Excel allows you to do to just that. Criteria: the reference of values that you want to count in Range. In … counting cells that do not contain values to catch cell value with excel function explained here with an example. This has got to be an easy one but I can't figure it out. The "And(Exact...." works great if you have a set range. Please do as follows. =AND(EXACT(A1=D1),EXACT(A1=C1),EXACT(A1=B1),EXACT(B1=D1),EXACT(B1=C1),EXACT(C1=D1)) - Here all 4 columns are being evaluated and if all 4 are an exact match you will return "TRUE". Choose the rule type written as “Use a formula to determine which cells to format” from window. If entered correctly, Excel encloses the array formula in {curly braces}, as shown in the screenshot: How to compare two Click to download Kutools for Excel! Example: Count The Total of Pen and Pencils in a List. So its trivial to make another column (EQUAL) that does a simple compare for each pair of cells in the two columns. One way =AND(A1<"",A1=B1)--Regards, Peo Sjoblom "Peter Boardman"

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