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Sebastian Vettel stellt sich einer neuen Herausforderung. The news came as a surprise to many and a shock to some (hint: Sergio Perez). Aston Martin have successfully signed Sebastian Vettel to their team for the 2021 season. Nevertheless, it certainly means there will more than one world champion in the cockpit of an F1 car in 2021. Der viermalige Weltmeister präsentiert das Auto, in dem er 2021 fahren wird. Vettel was also beaten by teammate Lance Stroll and carried his Aston Martin across the finish line in P15 after a tough race. Sebastian Vettel feels he is lacking "100 laps" of mileage at the wheel of his Aston Martin Formula 1 car after the conclusion of the pre-season test in Bahrain. The Italian manufacturer with its bright red car remains the most iconic name in F1 history. Den Umbruch in der Formel 1 versteht der Ex-Weltmeister als große Chance für Aston Martin. Mit diesem Auto will Sebastian Vettel (33) die Lizenz zum Siegen zurück! However, in terms of victories, Vettel is the third most successful in the sport's history, behind only Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel: Schumacher tears into 'whining' Aston Martin driver - 'Nobody cares' Sebastian Vettel advised to 'stop whining' at Aston Martin by former F1 driver. The video, titled “A New Beginning,” has Vettel pondering his new opportunity with Aston’s F1 team. Outgoing Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel is in discussions over a deal to join the Aston Martin Formula 1 team for the 2021 season, sources have indicated. He was also eliminated in the first qualifying session. Sebastian Vettel's debut for the Aston Martin Formula One team didn't go as planned, but the German driver seems to be having loads of fun with … Sebastian Vettel will join Aston Martin from 2021. Vettel suggested the atmosphere at Aston Martin is less stuffy than it was at powerhouse Ferrari. Vettel, 33, has previously spoken about climate change but has now expressed his interest in organic farming..

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