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a a a haunted haunted haunted haunted House. I cut apart the jars, messed with gluing them back together, then drilled a hole through the center to insert a piece of PVC that I should have done to begin with. It rained for 6 hours on Saturday and our campsite filled with water. It definitely takes two people to lift the jut section up into place. Not sure how I would do it next time but I won't be doing it the same again. The height needed to be 3 inches and the base 3 1/2 inches. So transferring that into how many LEGO blocks fit in one inch and sizing it to one foot, you get an over sized LEGO block of 3 3/4 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches tall. It also had a red CFL bulb mounted toward the top which made it look like it was on fire when it fired off.              I knew there was a contest for decorating your campsite, but I didn't realize it actually had a prize. $119.99 USD. To help with ensuring they were all the same size and the right height, I clamped multiple pieces together and cut 4 at once. A rope holds through the Mensard section down to the jut out to keep it tied down and safe from the weather. The windows were built out of 1 1/2 inch foam, 2 inch foam, 1x2 boards, Foam glue, Caps from Great stuff foam, and some paint. It contains the minifigures Lord Vampyre, Zombie Chef, Vampyre's Bride, two Ghosts, and the Zombie Butler. NeoDye magnets were used to latch it shut against some screw heads. Unless you know what you are looking for, it doesn't look conspicuous. Scattered throughout the haunted house are all the parts to a The panels were painted then mounted to building using under supports made from 3/4 inch PVC. Sections were cut, holes were drilled, and it is basically like a large dowel rod through the sections of foam. I'm incredibly impressed with this, wow! Floor: The first floor includes a kitchen, complete with stove and Kids love Lego, Adults love Lego, I have always loved Legos even though I haven't owned a single Lego in about 15 years. The detail you put in is amazing. The pieces were individually painted before assembled as the windows are a mix of grey and black. This is the 5th model in my line of haunted sets. According to my wife, I am going to have to rebuild this in a few years with 1/2 plywood and real supports to make the ultimate playhouse for my son, with a true second floor he can climb into. The set includes 10 minifigures, including two ghosts and a skeleton, as well as a wheelchair user. A single LEGO block is 5/16th inches wide and 3/8th inches tall. This line was 4 1/2 inches from the top. This is for the visible posts on the corners of the build. Tools: Table Saw    Feather board    Miter block    Push Stick    Dust Collector Drill Press Circular Saw with Kreg Jig Jig Saw Band Saw Miter Saw Planer Cordless Drill Router Sander    Orbital    Mouse    Belt (handheld and mounted)    Sand paper and sanding sponges Air Compressor 16 ga Brad Nail Gun (Pneumatic) Staple Gun (Pneumatic) Framing Square T square Saw horses and supports Speed Square Drywall square Tape measure Caulk Gun Paint roller and pan Paint brushes Ladders (6 foot and 8 foot) wood clamps Capspray HVLP paint gun PVC cutter Exacto knife Razor blades Hot glue gun Safety Gear: Safety Glasses or Goggles Ear Plugs Gloves Good shoes Dust mask (for sanding foam) Face shield Materials: 3/16th underlayment board 1.5,   2,  and 3 inch foam board, (Craigslist, Home Depot, Construction left overs) 2x4s 2x2s 1x4s  ( CUL lumber from Home depot) 1x5s  ( CUL lumber from Home depot) 1x6s  ( CUL lumber from Home depot) Great stuff foam PL 300 Foam adhesive Super 77 spray adhesive ALEX plus caulk Paint (Mistints, left overs from previous projects) Spar Urethane Screws: -- 2.5", drywall 1.25" drywall, 1.25" Hardibacker 3/4" staples 3 1/2" 16 Penny nails 3/16th staples (staple gun - non pneumatic) Magnets (for hidden door closure) Skeletons - miniature sized Craft foam board (1/8th inch) Hot glue Hinges (hidden door) Black spray paint (to mark screws on the inside that needed removed when de-assembling) Plastic cups Pool noodles (2.5" diameter) Recycled Material collected over 8 months. Everything was pre-painted before being assembled. These will be permanent but also allow the structure to be moved and stored. I also took the top foam off as well. on Introduction. bed and a desk with a gold bar, a red potion bottle, and a light blue Very nicely done. The PVC tip through the peanut butter jars held the post tops in place against the blocks mounted to the porch roof.  A large sheet of 1 1/2 inch foam was glued to the porch base and the porch roof for the depth needed according to the model. 16009: 4195 In my instructions, I used 2 16x32 baseplates from 10214 Tower Bridge. I put a half way slice into the side. Once glued, the pieces were then cut from corner to corner with a band saw to get the triangular shape. The foam cured against the cut and sealed again. Down the hallway on the left House House House Manor Manor Vonn Manon Manon Baron Baron is is is. Until then, the Skeleton crew will just keep on building. LEGO, the LEGO logo and the Minifigure are trademarks of the LEGO Group. Halloween is the funnest holiday by far. This does not include the LEGO protrusion that locks the blocks into place. ©2008-2021 The LEGO Group. Printer tubes were glued in place with Great stuff foam and held until dried with screws on the ends. So 230 pieces to cut, 12 staples per block x 46 = 552 staples, and 2 hours to assemble. Awesome! The set, created by GoodOlPrice on LEGO IDEAS, celebrates the iconic Disney Parks attraction’s 50th anniversary this year. 7 years ago couch, table, chair, and access to a closet under the staircase that The haunted house features three floors, each with a vast amount of details. top of the table is a skeleton head with a candle made from a lipstick It is not built to last for years as this is a display but still built to last a while. To open the Lego Haunted House up, you literally separate it from the middle, revealing two levels and what I consider to be 3 different sections inside. Trial something else first. Share it with us! The dimensions are 30 x 29 at the base, and 15 x 14 at the top. LEGO Haunted House (10273) Building Kit; A Displayable Model Haunted House and a Creative DIY Project for Adults, New 2021 (3,231 Pieces) 4.8 out of 5 stars 23 $249.99 $ 249 . The entire haunted house except for the kitchen has different colored and patterned wood floors, and most walls have dark brown trim at their bases. In the storage room, there is a removable box blocking Light My Bricks: LEGO Haunted House 10273 Lighting Kit The following page is the instructions for the Light My Bricks LEGO Haunted House (10273) LED light kit. Simply find the instructions for your Light Kit from the list below and click on the link. His room does have plush kid friendly monsters in it. The Triangular sections connecting the two was made the same as the lower roof. Now getting into the house is much easier to work on things. Technically it is 3/16th over the size because of the backer board but close enough for me and I was not going to trim down a giant piece of foam for 3/16th of an inch. I would have loved something like this as a child. on Step 17. The Zombie chef and Zombie Butler are exclusive to the set. A sign added to the yard for the Construction crew The Lego men were crafted out of foam board, pool noodles, some wood framing, and a 6 inches of foam carved for the head. After working for 3 weeks inside and out of the house going through the tiny 15x22 doors, I decided I had had enough. General information about the Haunted House. The foam board came from multiple sources: some purchased full price because I needed it, others at reduced prices off Craigslist, and last - some free from a construction job I am on as it was being tossed at the end of the job. I cut the lower section of the chimney off, added a hinge plate and some hinges, reinforced the side of the wall, and cut in a 14 1/2 x 40 inch door opening. Thank you all for the wonderful comments. On Bottom level. trophy figure. Once screwed together, 1x4s were cut to length and placed top and bottom of each panel for structural support. Plus I can now attach the porch leading to the kitchen (if there was one like in the model), as it is foam and would not support the weight of going in and out. LEGO Fairground Collection 10273 Haunted House is an 18+ set! That is absolutely amazing! Both split the jars and cracked them. The outside Facade pieces have windows at the same height. Although I need the building to be light weight, it also has to be structurally sound against winds and weather and kids leaning on it. I'm surrounded by monsters and my Daddy's taking pictures!". I have approximately 100 of these discs painted and attached to the build. The Overhang is made of 3 inch foam x 7 1/2 inches deep. At that point it wants to slide apart in a sticky mess. When building the Kid sized version, I needed to reference off of the model for scale and details, but different from the model, I also had to make it able to be de-assembled and moved in sections, as it is a bit too big to pick up and move. I can't put the giant version in my front yard all year long, as it will only be there during October.  It was built behind my home and will need to be de-assembled to move. This was the first of many times I had to make larger than life individual LEGO blocks to attach. Don't work on a final project the first time. The next day, I cut small grooves the the bottom. this is amazing! Last year Lego came out with the Monster Fighters series Lego Haunted House. 2 years ago. That didn't go as planned. LEGO Haunted House (10273) Building Kit; A Displayable Model Haunted House and a Creative DIY Project for Adults, New 2021 (3,231 Pieces) 4.9 out of 5 stars 39 $249.99 $ 249 . Floor: the second floor has a small balcony at the top of the staircase Home LEGO Haunted House #10273 Light Kit. Sometimes, people are more than what they appear. Buildings. Scattered throughout the haunted house are all the parts to a skeleton: Legs: The legs are on the second … Below is a fairly comprehensive list of what I used. Adding the LEGO protrusions that lock the blocks in place are important to complete the look. Other supports were also added as needed. 2x4s along with 2x2s were screwed together (cheaper than a 2x6 and 2x4 and I had extra laying around) to make the corner posts. 99 These were then glued in place with PL300, the centers filled with great stuff foam, cut smooth once dried, and painted the proper color. Amazing build. Paper mache clay was made and used to create the hair and other elements. Arms: The arms are in the living room under a removable section of floor. We actually won first place and got 2 free nights of camping and a gift card to a local restaurant. Si tu aimes les LEGO, viens nous voir sur https://www.hothbricks.com et https://www.brickheroes.com. 10 hours to set up and about 5 hours to tear down Sunday Morning. I used the fence I created ( Instructable here-  https://www.instructables.com/id/Halloween-Cemetery-Fence/  )   and my LED plug and play lighting (Instructable here- https://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Plug-and-Play-LED-Lighting/ )            Here are a few pictures from the event. It is cut in individual pieces to surround the whole building. oven, shelves with bottles of mysterious things, counters, a cupboard Is everything good about it because of that, or in spite of it? The manor itself is a nicely detailed building, similar in size to the LEGO Modular Buildings collection. piece on top of it. I just found out I won. 2 Reviews Read reviews. Second This is a fairly complicated build to get all of the pieces gathered, cut, assembled, painted, and sealed. Most of the guys there don't think I would know how to use a hammer. Three floors, with staircase and furniture. Same thing happened. The Height is 30 inches.  Great stuff foam was used hold the foam board together. Â, We attended the Halloween Campout at East Harbor State Park. I got rid of the old greenies and kept the stuff 30 years newer, but it is nice to have two powerstocks to work with. 10228 Haunted House - LEGO instructions and catalogs library Contact us Amazing. I thought, how cool would it be to build a Lego themed yard display for Halloween. The broken foundation blocks were also hand painted in. The blocks were made out of 3/16th underlayment board, 1x4 CUL lumber from Home depot, 1 1/2 foam, PL 300 glue, and a ton of staplegun staples. I assembled all windows with it and they have systematically fallen apart over 3 weeks. is a small sitting area with a bench and table with a crystal on it. Favorite Add to New Compatible Creator Haunted House V2 Building Blocks Kit BricksSet. I think I will add a mold inhibitor next time. These were stapled in place with 3/4 inch staples and a lot of them. Day 3 the foam had dried enough that I could cut further into the side with the chop saw. I just love it! senior senior senior designer designer designer at at. on Step 6. patterned wood floors, and most walls have dark brown trim at their On the bottom we have the lab for the mad scientist working on his Frankenstein monster minifigure. Serpents and spiders, tail of a rat, call in the Disney fans, wherever they’re at! I spent a lot of time building and designing this and I am glad that people enjoy it as much as I do and thought I did the model justice. Now being a big Halloween fan and a fan of Legos, I fell in love with the set. It will never cure properly without a ton of cuts into the jar. Next to the chest there is a clear crystal. VIDEO DEMONSTRATION. Broken steps were added to the front as well as the side by the kitchen porch door The front and side doors were cut out and attached Windows were added ( cut up plastic that covered Christmas card boxes) Tar paper put up to block the view inside the windows.  The skeleton crew was added to show the house is still under construction. Please select a minimum quantity of one. The foam would get damaged and the windows wouldn't hold up. Here you can find the instructions for your Light My Bricks Lighting Kit. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, This is just incredible. There are 17,630 items in the Brickset database. So I decided to fill them with Great stuff foam. I also grabbed mistints from both Home Depot and Lowes for 5 dollars a gallon vs 30 to keep costs down. That would make the house about 7 feet wide, 7 feet deep with porch and 14 feet tall. It is the haunted house! =(. On Just one set of add ons though. I learned after the first one was so difficult to paint. I rebuilt the base using what I had available and tried to enhance it where I could. My wife and I got our four-year-old into Halloween monsters and zombies, it's Great! be removed for access to the bedroom, which contains a bed and a table 99 6 years ago :). Well, it turns out they can and did! bases. There is also a dining room with a table and Each opening for the tubes is 22.5 inches so the tubes were left long but positioned correctly. Then just turned them and lined them up to spray the the third side.The rest doesn't need painted as it will be covered A line was drawn on the roof edge to ensure the blocks are correctly mounted at the proper height. Enough about that though, and onto the set itself. So the engineering feat begins to make it not only look like the original, but also be modular. The Side rails had to be 3 3/4 inch wide and depth. From shop Fanatixz. Â. Please note that you will need quite a few parts in addition to those found in the official set. under one of the counters, and drawers. I added hinges to the chimney as well but not for the same reason. I wanted to upload this model one more time with the extensive additions some of which were suggested to me in the comments of my previous version of this. I had the oversized Dracula standing next to it for full scale reference.                    The chimney had fog coming out of a dryer duct run up through it. Fantastic model but please, its LEGO never LEGOS! 4:45. Part of the staircase can Posted on October 29, 2012. by admin. In the model, it is used to hinge the model open to see the inside. Each box uses 5 pieces. Background. In order to find the Diamond Scarab, Batman, Wyldstyle & Gandalf then have to solve puzzles in the haunted house to find the foundation element.. This is fantastic! All of the supports were stapled permanently to the base frame and front jut out. They are now all being re-glued with PL300 each time a piece falls off. An inside wooden frame was built to support the upper Mensard roof section. I am glad you liked the project. Change. two chairs. The total size of the support is 3 3/4 wide and 4 1/2 tall. Super 77 spray holds great on foam for a short period of time. Contact Cement that says it is ok for foam is not. We somehow managed to get all of the wires, cables, safe from the water and kept sound and lighting and fog going.                          The Actual Lego Haunted House was put in a glass case with color changing LEDs above it to show what the original was compared to the replica behind it.

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