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“A letter, sir,” Miles said, walking forward to hand him an envelope. Eloise Bridgerton couldn’t marry a man she had never met! But now Penelope had Colin, and Eloise could see that the match was a splendid thing. “Go on, then,” Phillip said, sending Miles off on a task he probably should have done himself. Phillip groaned. He reached for his boots. something very large indeed. He wouldn’t risk breaking their hearts again with a woman who would tire of their quiet life in the country. My interests lie more in the humanities; you may have noticed that I enjoy penning letters. It was ironic, really, that it had happened on such a sunny day. She reached the point where the bottom dropped off, and then she dropped off, too, disappearing under the gunmetal gray of the surface, her red cloak floating along the top for a few seconds before being sucked under after her. “Go on,” he said to Miles. Sir Phillip Crane knew that Eloise Bridgerton was a spinster, and so he’d proposed, figuring that she’d be homely and unassuming, and more than a little desperate for an offer of marriage. Amanda and Oliver were quiet for a long while, both keeping their eyes on the floor as their legs swung from their perch on Oliver’s bed. That one sounded even worse. After her passing, Sir Phillip offers a hand in marriage to Eloise Bridgerton via correspondence. And Phillip knew that this lack was not made up for by him. He desperately needed a mother for Amanda and Oliver, but they’d grown so unmanageable that he couldn’t imagine any woman willingly agreeing to cleave unto him in marriage and thus bind herself to those two little devils for life (or at least until they reached majority). Eloise Bridgerton And .... Last but certainly not least is the spunky Eloise Bridgerton, who has no … He supposed he must have alluded to this in one of his many letters to the mysterious Eloise Bridgerton, because he had sent off his proposal of not-quite-marriage-but-maybe-something-leading-up-to-it over a month ago, and the silence on her part had been deafening, especially since she usually responded to his letters with charming alacrity. But they didn’t look surprised, which Phillip found disturbing. At least six. Wealth, lust, and betrayal set against the backdrop of Regency-era England, seen through the eyes of the powerful Bridgerton family. “We don’t have callers, sir,” Gunning finished, quite clearly winning the conversational battle. In the books, Sir Phillip Crane is the love interest of Eloise Bridgerton. It is my hope that we might decide that we will suit, and you will consent to be my wife. It wasn’t that she hadn’t wanted Penelope to find a husband; it was just that it had never seemed even the least bit likely. Appearances “Fine,” he said, thoroughly irritated. Back to work. Thanks for watching. She had worked for the Cranes since their marriage; she knew Marina’s moods. He didn’t feel woozy, at least not as woozy as he should have been. He could be back at the nursery before the children set out with Nurse Millsby. “I’m taking you home,” he bit out, heaving her none-too-gently into his arms. And the worst part –the part that left Eloise wracked with guilt– was thatshe’d never given a thought to how Penelope might feel if she married first, which, in truth, she’d always supposed she would do. Out of earshot, out of mind. Was he attempting to court her? It had been almost four years since Eloise had walked down the aisle of the chapel and pledged her troth to Sir Philip Crane. He loved them so much, and he failed them in so many ways. Miles was quite good. The beautiful woman on his doorstep was anything but quiet, and when she stopped talking long enough to close her mouth, all he wanted to do was kiss her… and more. The mysterious Eloise Bridgerton wasn’t really so mysterious. They led down the slight incline and out of the woods, then onto a grassy patch. This one is geranium pratense, more commonly known as the meadow cranesbill. She had shooed him out of the room once they had Marina in bed, insisting that he change his own clothing before he caught his death as well. Wouldn’t she appreciate the chance to find a husband? “Do I pay you for such impertinence?”. Chris Fulton As she stepped into the shallows, he picked up speed, still too far to do anything but call out her name. They were quite possibly her two most favorite people in the entire world, and she was thrilled that they had found happiness. And since he couldn’t very well get them another father, he supposed he ought to think about finding them a mother. She needed to approach this adventure with all the practicality and pragmatism with which she always tried to make her decisions. He would be happy to see her. Nurse Millsby wasn’t likely to locate any sort of flower in this weather, but still, it didn’t excuse the fact that he ought to take the children on their nature walk. The novel opens as Eloise, a 28-year-old "spinster," flees London to visit her secret pen pal, Phillip, a … The ground was moist, and Marina must have been wearing heavy boots, because her prints had sunk into the earth with clear definition. “Was that the source of the, ah…”, “No.” The butler cleared his throat. After hearing that his brother, George, had gotten Marina Thompson pregnant and then left for battle, where he died, Phillip came to the Featherington house, where he knew he could find Marina, and told her about his brother's death. And ruin what had to be the perfect courtship? He turned north, his eyes narrowing when he finally saw her. Bridgerton… Bridgerton. We have been corresponding now for quite some time, and although we have never formally met, I feel as if I know you. What did she know about this man, really? He supposed it could have been worse. Willow bark contains the same active ingredient as aspirin and is indeed quite useful in reducing a fever. For a moment he could do nothing but breathe; his body recognizing that it had to save itself before he could save anyone else. You will, of course, be properly chaperoned. If the moon had suddenly dropped from the sky and landed in her back garden, Eloise could not have been more surprised. Familial Information The servants would never dare joke with Phillip, and Marina… well, it went without saying that Marina did not laugh or joke. He turned her over quickly. With frantic movements he felt in front of her face for air, but there was none emerging from her lips. He lifted the glass to his lips, letting the final drops slide into his mouth. No, she reflected with a rather impressive (in her opinion, at least) display of self-honesty, there were two things about her that colored her every action– she liked to act quickly and she was tenacious. And now here she was, rolling toward Gloucestershire, rolling toward destiny, she supposed –or hoped, she wasn’t sure which– with nothing but a few changes of clothing and a pile of letters written to her by a man she’d never met. “But just because I don’t mind an overcast sky doesn’t mean I don’t prefer the sun.” He paused, thought for a moment. He stared out the window at the sun, which was slipping low on the horizon. But if there was one thing about Eloise, it was that she was when she made a decision, she acted upon it quickly. She’d rarely left her bedchamber; it was easy to forget about someone one never saw. Eight long years to know the woman. Was he mad? Phillip looked down at the envelope in his hand, his brows rising at the obviously feminine slant to the handwriting. Eloise had immediately tucked the letter away in a drawer, unable to even fathom his request. It was rare for Marina to venture outside. No one deserved it more. I offer you this pressed flower as thanks. She had a tendency to talk too much (Good God, had she really put that into writing?). We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The lake hasn’t frozen this year. “Maybe she won’t cry anymore.”. And Phillip did not, as one might imagine, even think the word drown lightly. But he sat, anyway, twisted like a pretzel, and forced himself to meet their gazes as he forced the words out. He’d find them while they were off on their nature walk with Nurse Millsby. If he was going to fetch the children, he ought to take them out to see their mother. Rolling green hills looked like rolling green hills looked like rolling green hills, and she could be in Wales for all she knew. At the end of Bridgerton season 1, episode 8, “After the Rain,” Marina leaves London with Phillip Crane after accepting his proposal — but the story isn’t set in stone. He muttered several annoyed phrases as he thrust his legs into his rough, woolen trousers. How many had there been? She was traveling halfway across England, and no one knew. Or at least pretend so well that they never knew the difference. Did Marina have Bridgerton cousins? It was too soon, of course. She’d end up a spinster– no, they didn’t say that anymore. It was a she, wasn’t it? Phillip’s lips parted as he stared down at her form, moving slowly toward the water’s edge. I take Tea with Violet Bridgerton, and Other Mugs, Ebook Bridgerton Collection Vol. That probably explained his exceptional melancholy. Naghwe • She/Her • 23 • Taurus • INTJ. Follow. Meet? But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Bridgerton Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Eloise remembered that day well. Maybe a marriage based on mutual respect and companionship was better than none at all. Besides, he was the one who had requested the meeting. They did know one another. 362 notes. And so, with weary breath, he put his quill to paper. He’d gone outside– he’d had to. He never minded too terribly when his experiments did not produce the expected outcome. Lately she’d been starting to think that maybe those crotchety old matrons were right, and she wasn’t going to find herself a husband. She blinked, her eyes unfocused. Except… he wasn’t. Suddenly Sir Phillip’s bold proposal– tucked away at the very bottom of her bundle, at the bottom of the middle drawer, locked away in a newly-purchased safebox, just so that Eloise wouldn’t be tempted to look at it six times a day– Well, it seemed a bit more intriguing. “It isn’t spring, though,”, “If you were wishing for spring, sir, perhaps you should have consulted a calendar.”, Phillip regarded him with a sideways glance. He bent over his workbench, examining his latest project– a strain of peas that he was trying to breed to grow fatter and plumper in the pod. I confess to a certain measure of isolation here in the country, and if one cannot have a smiling face across one’s breakfast table, then one might at least have an amiable letter, don’t you think? Phillip looked down at his whiskey glass. She was too demanding, worse than foolish. She had brown hair (chestnut, really) and all of her teeth. A pregnant Marina left London after agreeing to marry her dead lover's brother, Sir Phillip Crane (Chris Fulton). Phillip frowned. Good manners dictated as much, although even Eloise’s mother, surely the supreme arbiter of good behavior, said that Eloise took her correspondence a bit too seriously. Or was it his children, the sorrow on their faces, the fear in their eyes? He’s traumatized and pained and underneath the years of trauma he endured, is a kind, passionate man genuinely just trying his best. My Thirst for Bridgerton As A Side Blog. He probably ought to take care of his correspondence now, but he had some seeds he needed to sort through, and truly, there was no reason he couldn’t conduct his business with Miles in an hour or so. But it did. It was probably just dumb luck that her goals and those of her family had never crossed purposes before, at least not over anything important. Thank you so very much for the charming pressed flower. Even now, more than a month after it had happened, he couldn’t quite believe that the sun had had the temerity to tease him so. They needed more. But if she heard him, she made no indication, just continued her slow and steady progress into the depths. Something about the correspondence was thrilling; perhaps it was simply the excitement of finding someone not related to her who actually seemed eager to conduct a written dialogue. A single sheet of paper slipped out. My Thirst for Bridgerton As A Side Blog. Sir Phillip was obviously enjoying the correspondence as much as she; surely he wouldn’t have finished his missive with a question, otherwise? She coughed again, her body wracked by spasmodic tremors. —Sir Phillip Crane. Expensive. “I hope she’s happy,” Oliver finally said, his voice more resolute than his expression.

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